When we  begin our (physical) learning process, as children, it’s age-appropriate and slow-going.  We don’t immediately, as infants, run right out and enroll in college level courses.

             In our continuing growth, on a metaphysical and spiritual level, the progress is similar.  We take our time, learning and following where our path takes us.  Absorbing or tossing out, listening or walking in another direction.

             Not all lessons stick.  Not all lessons are supposed to.  Here’s what I heard this morning:

a gradual comprehension.

             See, when we’re Home, we remember everything.  And yet, we can still learn more.  When we’re here, we have to take refresher classes and do extra-credit assignments.

             Our evolution happens as we seek it out, but also, as we NEED to seek it out.  At some points in our lives, we can rest a while.  Coasting and floating, picking up bits and pieces along the way.

             At other times, nose-to-the-grindstone hard-core in-depth research is called for.  Right now, the Universe is saying that we can gather as we go.  Nothing too strenuous is currently required.  We are precisely where we should be.

            And look at how perfectly validating our daily draw is.  Harshness, stress, and pressure?  Absolutely not.

speak gently

“Tenderness  ~

Speak gently to yourself.

Cherish the child within.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Power Statement:

I affirm that I am always financially secure.


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  1. Speaking gently to yourself is really important. Also speaking gently of yourself. I know I would get mad if someone else said the things about me that I occasionally utter during times of frustration… Good reminder.

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