Remember us talking about spiraling ever upwards?  Well, that’s part of today’s topic.

             There are repetitions in nature, which make them happen in all parts of our lives.  When we hear or see or are made aware of something specific over and over and over, that’s intentional.  The Universe is sending us a message.

             And because we are working with these limited physical bodies/brains, we need to be practically bombarded sometimes before we pay attention.

Pattern Finding

             When we retrace our steps, or walk the same road more than once, that’s not always a bad thing.  It’s probably for a really good reason.  (Even if we don’t have a fucking clue what that reason might be.)

             This is similar to our recent messages about slowing down and staying put.  Patterns and spiraling, since they are natural, are actually pretty easy to see.  As long as we pay attention, and know what to look for.

             If we don’t?  Fortunately, on our card altar right now, we’re getting just the help we need.


“Tiger’s Eye  ~

calm, clarity, balanced emotions, communication, intuition

If you have been plagued with negative thoughts lately then Tiger’s Eye crystal will help you rid yourself of unwanted thoughts and help you regain a positive and more inspiring attitude.

You will soon begin to see things clearly and realise that there was really nothing to fear in the first place.  Calm your thoughts and start to listen to your intuition.  

Know that all is well and that only love surrounds you.

This card is also to do with communication.  You may avoid unnecessary turmoil and problems by communicating clearly with others.  Don’t be afraid to express your views honestly and make sure there is no misunderstanding.

You will gain respect and admiration for doing so.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Personal Announcement:

is to say that yesterday was my beautiful Seattle girl‘s birthday.  But, since Hanna no longer reads this blog, and some things are changing* around here soon, I chose to leave it off  the post.

             She’ll be here next week.  I should start cleaning last month right now.

*I’ll give you plenty of notice, I promise.


4 thoughts on “Rippling Out and Out, Over and Over

  1. Huh. The Hurricane is missing out. I read her stuff, occasionally, though.

    Ah,yes, patterns. Really elusive to me, but the Mrs. sees a lot of them.

  2. Patterns. Yeah, the pay attention part is the tricky bit. Tiger’s Eye! I love that stuff! I also have it in red, blue, and green. No two are ever alike.

    Happy Birthday, Hanna!

    Change? CHANGE?! NOOOOOOOO… *sigh*

    1. Change, yes!

      I invite and welcome all positive change into my life,
      as I release all that no longer serves,
      for the highest good of all

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