Here’s another suggestion for coping with any delays we may be experiencing.  (And if you haven’t been, you will.)

             Today’s messages is a reminder of time and space.  Or rather, Divine time and space.

Seeing the Scenery

             Have you ever been stuck in traffic on a super busy piece of road that usually everyone speeds over at massive rates?  Next time it happens, look out the window, and down.

             See the surface of the pavement, the odd assortment of debris on the side.  The way the stripes or lines appear.  This perspective (stopped or immensely slowed down) will show views which are rarely witnessed by anyone but work crews.

             What we are being asked to do is not only “stop and smell the roses” but observe the entire garden.  And the sky above it.  As well as the neighborhood it resides in.

             Because, we might be paused here for a while, we may as well enjoy the scenery.  And get something useful out of it.  We’re here, let’s appreciate that for what it truly is.

             It’s a lesson.  It’s a moment of sacred space.  It’s a view that we are being gifted, not forced into.  It is our privilege, not our punishment.

             Returning now to our regular rotation around the card altar, this daily draw is an additional reminder of perspective.  Of strength, and foundation, both we may have to look for in order to truly see.

major arcana
The Emperor ~ 4

             My dad was in construction for most of his life.  He built, rebuilt, remodeled, and created.  Whether he began from the bottom up, or came in on a job half-finished, he always had to make sure that the starting point was sound.

             That’s what the Emperor brings us.  Stability.  Power.  Aid.  Reason.  Also, an elementally balanced foundation.

             When we ponder a problem, thinking about it from all angles, knowing our plans are solid and true, we are better prepared later, at the point of constructing.  Seeing anything with that type of focus is part of how we need to move forward now (or, as soon as movement is possible).

             It’s the right time to understand what we see, and what we make, from this frame of reference, all viewpoints included.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Food Sharing:

is THIS BOOK.  It was on a recommendation list last year, but my library just now had it ready for me to pick up.  Fascinating and brilliant.  Super inspirational.  I’ll keep you posted.


5 thoughts on “Vantage Point

  1. “It’s a moment of sacred space.” Well, huh. Waddaya know. I have been on the road a lot recently (and it will continue for an, as yet, undetermined amount of time) and lack of sleep plus traffic has made me cranky. I’m actually sick of being in the car. And, whappo, here you are pointing out that I have an opportunity here to ‘use’ part of this time (I’m not always the driver) for something important and useful. Here’s my sign!

    And, as always, thanks for being here!

    1. You are entirely welcome. And it’s funny, this happens a lot…… especially in card readings. I never know what an image means to someone, but it does always mean something!

      (Also, I really needed to hear that, Robin. There are days and days when I wonder if anyone is reading.)

      1. I try to make it here no less than every other day. I need my dose of sanity. I may not comment – life has smacked me upside my head and mornings I am not a very nice person on a good day and that is usually when I’m here. (Anything before noon is morning 🙂 )

        I have always checked my stats page to see what’s going on since I have never had a lot of commenters. Keep an eye on yours. You’ll see people are still coming to ‘see’ you! 🙂

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