When there is a crisis situation, the calmest people are the most helpful.  When we’re in need, those who are strong, we lean on.

             But more often than we realize, it’s us who are the ones that someone else will turn to.

We are the examples.

             Even when we don’t intend to be.  Even when we’re not trying.  Even when, well, we don’t feel like it.

             How best to be of service?  This is our question, because we need to know how to be the best examples possible.

             The easy answer is: in our honest and genuine state.  With a loving and generous attitude.  Freely!

             When we are healthy and well, we are better equipped to help others.  Simply put, THAT is one of our life purposes.

             The validation for this quick-and-to-the point message arrives via my most favorite sort of conveyance.

dolphin riding

“Ride the Wave  ~  14

‘Right now, success is easy and effortless.’

You can be assured that you are entering a time when you can ride the wave of abundance.  The tide has turned, and you can put your ‘surfing’ skills to the test!

Everything that you know – all your talents, coupled with your hopes and dreams – will carry you forward.  People and circumstances have come out of the ocean of potential and possibility to take shape in a wave of spectacular activity.

Know that you’re definitely on the right path!”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Environmental Sharing:

is to say that as soon as I’ve saved up a peso or nine, I’m going to order me some of THIS tea.  Anything we can do that will benefit bees, sign me up.  Also?  Yum!


3 thoughts on “Successfully Thus

  1. This message and card really hit home today. I received this as a message from a man who is high up the chain in an Iowa fire department, where he runs training, and is deployed nation wide to fight wild fires. Their agency is cross certified, so he also functions sometimes as a police officer.

    “With local events today I want to take time to thank you for all you did to shape me into who I am. I remember to listen, and talk before going hands on. I have many moments when I think “what would Ally do?” Those moments have allowed me to stay safe. I watch you on Facebook, wish I was closer to enjoy your company but just want you to know you did a great job, and I’m proud to call you a friend.”

    He rode with me for about a year as an explorer the first full year I was a patrol deputy. He refers to the shooting death of a female Omaha PD detective. This was before I studied training, became an instructor, became a peer supporter, or became an FTO. I am humbled.

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