Thank you all for allowing me to take yesterday off.  It was delightful, from beginning to end.  We went (as always) on a budget.  And we went (this is the part I’ve been working on for some time now) with no expectations, cares, nor preconceived restrictions.

             The loose plan was: whatever happens, happens.  The only goal was to see the beach.  (Hopefully still in daylight hours.)  And to have fun.  We did that.  It was an excellent success; an easy-going attitude of gratitude permeated the entire event.

oregon coast

             We stayed continually present and we veered off the beaten path many times.  Just wandering, and choosing Joy.  Simplicity was the key.

             This feeling has followed us into our message today.

Do the Doing

Be the Being

              If you, personally, cannot get an entire rejuvenating day right now, do not despair.  You will.  Soon.  I promise!  Soon, you absolutely will.  For now, grab a handful of solitary moments, and be grateful for those.  Actively appreciate them.

             (Conversely, if you physically can/are in a place that taking one day off-and-away is possible…. why the hell aren’t you?!)

              Yes, we have obligations.  Duties.  Chores.  Jobs, for fucksake.  But, but!  We also require soul-nourishment.  For me, it’s the coast.  For others, it’s something else.  (Or, ya know, also the coast.)

              To NOT go, that’s a terrible thing.  I didn’t used to understand this idea.  Now, I get it.  It’s necessary.  There is no reason to avoid joy.  None.

              Every reason you can name, they are all excuses.  I know this (believe me, do I know this!), I was the Queen of Lame and Stupid Made-Up Reasons.

             The real, honest, and genuine fact is, we can’t afford NOT to go.  Even if “going” is only 3 minutes in a corner, with headphones on and our backs to a room full of people and piled-up laundry.  Go!

             (Inserted Shakespearean aside here, if laundry or dishes are some of your excuses, message me, I’ll come and do them for you.  And if I’m not geographically close enough, then I guess we’ll set about finding someone who is.)

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar right now, as we slip in to this double retrograde phase, we have the perfect draw.

retreat is needed now

“Mind  ~  Page of Clouds  ~  Mastery of Mind”


“Laziness  ~  9  ~  Water: Emotions”  reversed.

             We think too much.  This is just how it is.  We do it all the time.  We get caught up in the shoulds.   What will serve us all much better is to let go.  To relax.  To walk away for a minute and practice Self-Care.

              Our society views vacations as treats.  When, in reality, they are necessities.  We are called “lazy” if we don’t jump out of bed and run straight to work, high on caffeine, complaining all the tortured way there.

             That’s false.  It’s untrue.  And it’s unfair to our emotional selves.  Relaxing, resting, sleeping, taking breaks is how we heal and grow and learn our most valuable lessons.  It’s not something to earn, it’s something to expect.

               All we need to ask ourselves is, “what makes me happy?  What brings me joy and pleasure?”  Then, take some.  Go there.  Do that.  Be it.  And, appreciate every mindful second.

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this prayer, which comes from one of Doreen’s oracle card apps.

Dear Archangel Michael,

please guide me in treating myself with gentle, nurturing love in everything I think and do.

Help me know that I deserve this compassion.  I release any feelings of guilt to you so that I may experience lasting inner peace.


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