. . . . . and then, there are those other days.  I wake up with words that can’t possibly be anything BUT random . . . . . and yet, it’s a message.

             Our theme continues.  Our focus stays on the selection of joyful and positive intentions.   Because when we aim towards a life filled with happiness, our lessons don’t have such sharp edges.

Honey and Rainbows

             It’s about light.  It’s about softness.  It’s about sweet feelings of tenderness and peace.

             Are we talking candy-coated wishes?  Not at all.  The Universe just doesn’t want anyone to forget how gentle life can be.  Is that always?  No, it is not.

             But what happens when we allow our rational, thinking minds to wander in the direction of golden and healing honey?  When we gaze upon the clean brilliance of a freshly born rainbow?  We generally smile and feel uplifted.

             Our heart is gladdened and we are calm.  THAT is where we can take this, and THAT is where our soul resides.

             Back within our regular rotation around the card altar right now, we’re being visited by a messenger who embodies these same traits.  With wise and welcome suggestions.


“Deer  ~

‘Take note of the messages in whispers and secrets adrift on the breeze.’

Hind, gentle, alert, every sense keen, stands motionless among the leafy trees.  Like Deer, be acutely aware now of what drifts to you on the breeze.

A snippet of conversation, even the fresh spice of cologne, may hold secrets untold.  

Deer protects herself by gathering peacefully with others and counsels that you now seek to be part of a bigger whole.  If estranged from family or friends, Deer advises that the sagacious ask for forgiveness and forgive in return, fostering live and the regeneration that this brings.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Featured Item:

is going to be a new category at the end of some posts.  (Fabulous gift ideas!)  If you haven’t ever visited our Etsy shop, you should.

quilted decor
Made by me.

             This needs a new home.  It’s hand-quilted, partially machine-pieced.  Would be delightful on a coffee table or under a nice center-piece in the dining room.  Maybe even as wall decor in the office?  You choose.