It will surprise no one to hear what our message is about today.  The Universe isn’t done with our reminders to “choose joy” just yet.

             But, this time we’re focusing more on the choice-making.

Mindful Selection

             How do we decide which path to take?  How do we make the hard choices?  How do we know when to stay/go, when to stop/start?

             It’s about listening and about hearing.  Because we know, in our hearts and souls, which will make us happier.  And THAT is always our best route.

             Sure, there are difficult times and rough patches.  Life is like that.  However, we don’t need to aim all of our mind-darts on the worst side of it all.  We end up receiving nothing back but worst-case results.

             To truly and simply Choose Joy, the only action we need to make is to slow ourselves down, breathing and breathing.  Then, with full intention, let it be known that we have, in fact, selected the path of peace and joy.

             And here, like an additional stamp of approval, on our card altar right now, as we make our way around the regular rotation, this draw couldn’t be more validating.

don't compromise

“Don’t Compromise  ~

St Agnes of Rome

You are asked to take a stand in favor of your truth and self-esteem.  You don’t need to compromise to get what you want, and you can live by the truth of your beliefs.

St Agnes is your guide and role model in this aspect.  She shows that in love relationships – as well as career, home, health, and other life areas – you mustn’t compromise your values.

If you’re in a difficult situation, first try to negotiate a better solution with the people involved.  For instance, if a personal relationship is unsatisfactory, tell your partner your honest feelings.  St Agnes and your angels will help you speak truthfully with love so that the other person can really hear you.  

If that method doesn’t yield positive results, this saint may guide you to other resources.  The key with this message, though, is to stand by your truth without compromise.  You deserve to be treated with love, respect, and dignity.  

Accept nothing else.”

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Power Statement:

I am open to receiving the good that comes to me each day.