Last night was not one of my better sleeping moments.  And into this morning, it only improved slightly.  (I would love to have stayed in bed another several hours.)

             On top of that, the Universe has assigned us homework.  (Homework!  A thinking message, for fucksake!)  It’s a job we must really contemplate, and probably even take notes on.


             To be our best and most evolved selves, we have to always be learning, expanding, seeking, growing.   One way to accomplish this is to interact and connect with fascinating people.

             That’s our task.  Put together a list of ten (10!  Not 3 or seven, but TEN) people (alive, dead, real, fictional, doesn’t matter) who we’d like to study with.  Have open and complete access to.

             Is there someone you’ve always wanted to ask a question of?  I remember, about a million years ago, my father-in-law and I had a conversation with this very theme.  He said he would most like to sit down with Leif Erickson.

             My own list won’t include any Vikings, but it will probably have several ancestors and family members.  Plus a few “big names” from religious history, just so I could get real truths and hear accounts first-hand.

             We don’t have a daily draw.  I was directed, instead, to show you this illustration from (the late) Sylvia Browne’s Heart and Soul deck.

heart and soul deck

             The other part of this message is about focus.  We are being instructed in the art of concentration.  Like a meditative moment, this composing of a list is intended for us to probe our subconscious.

             Do we want to learn about adventuring or history?  Do we need to know what really happened?  Are we curious about our own background and family stories?  Who would be the most fun to just sit down with over snacks and drinks?

             Partly too, I believe, is for us to allow our minds to be creative and open.  Day-dreaming is good for us.  As is finding out what we most enjoy.  And who, we’d like to take along for the ride.

             Here’s some excellent “thinking” music.

             (I’m constantly in search of great tunes for my pool classes, as you know.  A friend recently loaned me this one on CD, and I’ve been playing it for days.)


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  1. I do love Vivaldi. He wrote some pretty amazing violin concertos as well. Only 10? I am going to ponder on this…

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