Today’s message isn’t so much a message as it is a home decor suggestion.   The Universe is telling us that we don’t have enough dedicated Sacred Space.  I tend to agree.

             So now, let’s talk about what that means.  Because regardless of what label (if any) you regularly apply to your belief system, there is inherent possibility for:

Zen Focus

             It can be as simple as one item set on a bathroom counter, or as extensive as the example below.

pagan sacred space
I spotted this in several different places around the interwebz. No idea who took credit for it originally.

             Or anything in between.  The basic idea is to remove our mundane perception and focus.  To cease the current experience when our eyes rest there.

             We are “altered” when we establish an altar.  We are changed, and we are healed.  We are made aware of the holiness in this exact moment.  The holiness in ourselves.

             And we know that the more lovingkindness we send out, the more we will receive.  One special and simple act at a time.

             Returning to the regular rotation around our very own card altar, we’ve been presented with a very nice validation of this idea.  We can make our sacred space, our zen focus, out of whatever we have on hand.

             In fact, we can do it with our own hands, or it can simply BE our hands.

8 of Pentacles

             This one talks about learning.  And how we gain our knowledge through practice and concentrated diligence.  When we are devoted to our craft though, it doesn’t feel like a hardship, it doesn’t even feel like work.  Instead, it feels like creating and sharing our art.

             It feels like achievements of the soul, only made by hand.  Our skills are honed, our lessons learned.  All with encouragement and loving guidance.  Never with harsh criticism or hurtful insults.

             We are lovingly creating and manifesting, in a physical sense.  And yet, from a heart and soul perspective.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Recent Kitchen Adventures:

include this Instagram view.  (Speaking of home-made.)

quick pickles
I used the last of our rainbow carrots.

             Sometimes ya just gotta get creative.  I’m nearly militaristic when it comes to my abhorrence of waste.  So, if pantry supplies (or vegetables) are getting close to “the edge” of freshness, I kinda power prep.

             In the past few days I’ve improvised my freaking head off.  Culminating in those quick pickles (fresh thyme with basil-and-oregano flavored rice vinegar, plus the last of some cider vinegar).  Also, I made an imperfect batch of salty caramel/chocolate butterscotch fudge.  And some roasted-in-the-oven nuts and seeds (several flavors).

             No, there aren’t any recipes to share.  I made shit up invented and carefully crafted, using what I had.  Nothing wasted.  Nothing thrown out.  All of it sacred.  Because I said so.


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  1. If that alter is actually on a card table size table and not a miniature, then I have some serious crystal envy going on here…(and that bell and that lamp….).

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