Remember our stewardship messages from Earth Day week?  Well, turns out, we’re not done there.

             What I woke up with today was way colorful.  Just as Spring is springing itself silly all over the place right now, so too, is the Universe popping up to say “hey, pay attention!”

So Much More

             Our Mother Earth needs us.  If only to notice and say a quick quiet prayer in passing.  We have to continue our caring attitude.  Starting right here at home.

             We need to keep in mind that we attract what we focus on.  And currently too much aim is pointed in a negative direction.  Does this country (and planet) have to change?  Oh, hell yeah.

             However, are we making those changes in the best way possible?  For our highest good?  For the good of us all?  I’m not so sure.

             The way we’ve been going is clearly not working.  We have to change.  We have to do better.  We have to do more.  And we have to do it from a soul level.  In a sacred and lovingkindness sort of way.

            And, according to our daily draw, we have to do it on our own. (Even though, ya know, we’re never really alone alone.)


“Solitude  ~  13  ~  Higher Self

Observation, Contemplation, Renewal, Listening

Your desire to seek solitude is appropriate at this time.  You’re being counseled by your Higher Self to retreat, and to renew your soul through quiet contemplation.

Your nervous system has been overstimulated, and you can’t absorb any more input from the outer world.   Step away and give yourself the necessary peace and time alone you require to revitalize your system.

In doing so, you will begin to sense, feel, and even hear the voice of your Higher Self, but only when you step into more natural surroundings.

Reconnect with nature in whatever way is practical, given your circumstances.  Fully open your heart to your Higher Self, even if you fear that you can’t make contact.

You are making contact.  Furthermore, your Higher Self asks you to take your time when contemplating your circumstances and considering your options.  Resist the temptation to yield to any sense of urgency.

There’s no emergency.  Your true direction will make itself known if you are patient.  Your Higher Self also alerts you to the fact that not all the necessary pieces of information to make the best decisions may be apparent yet.

Your Higher Self wisely counsels that sometimes the most powerful thing you can do is do nothing.  The message is to be quiet now, and wait.”

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Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards By Sonia Choquette

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