As previously discussed here, Time and I have a troubled relationship.  We accept this truth, and move on.

             But the Universe thinks that we maybe need to address some other aspects of where and how and when we do what we do.  Because doling out portions of ourselves and our energy are pretty freaking important.

Time Caring

             Like how recently we’ve been talking about giving the gift of personal space to our loved ones, this message begins with Self-Care.  We can’t help others if we are handicapped or in need of our own healing.

             Where do we spend the most time?  Is it in a healthy and uplifting place?  Or is it in a shitty and negative environment which brings us down?  That currency of our time, it’s more valuable than we often give it credit for.

             Spending hours on something that only makes us angry is the very opposite of what we’re here to accomplish.  Our lessons and challenges are so much more effective when they are met and dealt with in loving and supportive surroundings.

             It can seem as though we aren’t being given a choice, that we have to do the worst and yuckiest jobs.  But in reality, we do not need to suffer.  We can take another road.

             We can always go a different route.  Leaving behind that which no longer serves.   That which only causes sorrow or pain.  We always have free will to opt out.

             Or, opt in, if that’s the selection we see as our best next step.   Earlier, I was directed to flip this daily draw.  The illustration feels more effortless than the text, but I do see how it absolutely relates to us (and what we need to hear) right now.

time caring

“Balancing Act  ~  11  ~

‘You are calm within, no matter the fluctuations of outer conditions.’

There are times when thing seem a bit topsy-turvy, and it feels as if you are juggling a thousand balls in the air.

Perhaps you’re unsure of your footing.  Now is the moment to evaluate which areas of your life need balance and then restore equilibrium.

Choose harmony over discord, and great success will be yours.  You’ll find inner stability when you choose a balanced, focused, and level path.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is food focused.  So get your printer or pencil-and-recipe card warmed up, you’re gonna want to take notes.

            Go HERE and read Alana‘s post.  Then (we’ll wait), come back and we can chat about how our version turned out.

              Daniel and I went with rainbow carrots and a large parsnip, chopped in to matchsticks (as Alana does).  I’d change that maybe next time.  It took him ages to cut them all up (a task I am not authorized to help with, no one wants to see me, or the meal, injured); they, most likely, would have been fine in any shape.

             The tahini curdled (seized?) as soon as our lemon juice hit the bowl.  Because it came from a bottle and not an actual lemon?  Possible, but we used it anyway.  The flavor didn’t change, it was simply a more creamy version, not so drizzle-ish.

             Herbage.  We added WAY more than they called or.  And, we splashed a bit more lemon juice as a sort of dressing.  (See above regarding tahini incident.)

             THIS is where I found the za’atar recipe we used, but I’m sure any would be fine.  We liked it, and added a bit more when we put the feta on, as we served it onto our plates.  (Yes, after all I said about bowls, we ate it on a plate……. I know.)

             Will we do this again?  Yes.  We love trying new ideas, and this one was a winner.  (Also, he doesn’t know this yet, but I’m already thinking up other places to toss that za’atar into, on top of, around with.)


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  1. I could really use some balance and equilibrium around here. I do like the art on those cards. And roasted carrots? Eewww. 😀

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