We’re talking about us and others today.  Our connections, and our separateness.  Our togetherness and our individuality.

             How, if someone is having a bad time, that is their bad time.  We don’t need to absorb the negativity of others.  Should we lend aid?  Oh, sure!  But not to the detriment of ourselves.

Hold Close

Let Go

             All actions ripple out, like a pebble dropped into a still pond.  Everything we do bumps into everyone else.

             The trick is to do that bumping and rippling in a mindful, lovingkindness sort of way.  Our intentional actions steps and purposeful movements keep the relationships we have on a genuine plane.

             It’s about not taking on more than we can handle, but also allowing others their space.  It could be that the other person needs to deal with their business, and we need to deal with ours.

             Still, keeping in mind that we ARE here to serve, finding our Keep/Release balance is the trick.  Taking it carefully and with Joy will always bring us back to center.

             What we must be ever cautious of though, is here on our card altar.


“The Prison Waif  ~  31  ~  

self-sabotage, poverty consciousness

When the Prison Waif arrives in his realm as your Ally, he comes to remind you of the Law of Paradoxical Intent.  Your own self-sabotaging thoughts and hidden beliefs are, in fact, preventing you from your highest good. 

You might believe that you’re doing all you can to manifest your reality, but perhaps you are giving in to thoughts such as the following:

I can’t do this.

I’m unworthy.

I’ll fail, so why try?

I don’t deserve this.

I’m unlovable.

In truth, you are locked in a prison of your own making.  That’s the good news, because it means that you have the key to let yourself out.

This is a sign that you need to spend some time with yourself addressing those beliefs that counter your hard work to get ahead.  You can change them if you want to.  You don’t want to stay in prison, do you?

Take inventory of your thoughts, let yourself out of jail, and spend a few minutes outdoors in gratitude.  It’s time to let the sunshine in.”

Today’s Deck:

Wisdom Of The Hidden Realms Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

FLP Report:

includes the Wyoming we saw tonight, and one Ohio that I spotted from a bus last week.  No one seems to be visiting right now.  Or maybe, they just didn’t drive here.


2 thoughts on “Expansively

  1. I am reminded of the power of words and of our own internal dialogue. The bumper sticker phrase is “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” Be careful of the words you use to talk to yourself. I have, a couple of times, reminded myself that if I heard someone else using my words, I’d be mad. So, don’t use ’em on yourself. That is a very interesting card…

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