Whether you are a night time person or a day time person, it’s important to be out in it.  That’s the message I woke up with today.

             There is energy in sunlight and moonbeams, and we need it to stay healthy.  Being in either/both is like feeding our soul, recharging our spirit.

Light Bright

             What would be the most beneficial?  A nice long vacation, someplace lovely.  What can we manage right now?  Stepping outside and just standing (or sitting) quietly.  Absorbing, being.  Breathing.

             Nothing is quite so healing as a calm breath and a nice view.  Gazing at the moon or soaking in the sun, they bring us healing.  They are connected to us.  And us to them.

             As we return to the card altar, and our regular rotation around it, this messenger is the perfect validation.

light healing

“Parrot  ~  

‘Let sunshine revitalize your soul and color transform your world.’

Parrot, wondrous and vivid, her plumage that of the rainbow, her demeanor that of the animating sun, has flown to your cards to remind you that your surroundings truly are your life.

The color of a room influences mood, balmy cloudless lands stimulate energy and revitalize the soul.  

If your heart has been telling you to move to another home, even another continent, but your mind has been finding reasons not to, Parrot counsels that the time has come to listen to your intuitive desire.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is this recent view from Instagram.

There were more, we ate them. They didn’t look any better than these by the time we all arrived home.

             There’s a super cool bakery downtown.  I love everything in it.  But her treats don’t really travel well….. on my bike.  (Still delish, though!)


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  1. I think I have mentioned before that one of the things I loved about working nights was tracking the seasons via the location of the moon in the sky. One of my “fantasy” images would be of what a rainbow powered by moonlight would look like.

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