As I was gazing out the bus window today, I witnessed something profound.  My eyes were resting gently, there was nothing I needed to be doing at that moment.  The entire experience was large, even though it was physically nothing much at all.

             There, in the form of an invisible wave, came a small breath of wind, brushing across the tall grass.  Bending each and every blade, washing, wafting over that isolated patch green on the roadside.

             Then, it moved on.  The gust was brief, but I saw it.  And inside of me, I also felt it.  The most important thing?  I recognized it for what it was.

Our Sacred Selves

             As we’ve discussed before, we are all so very valuable.  Even when we don’t take credit for it.  In this place, we are holy.  As we occupy this very space, there is a holiness to it.  Because, we’re in it.  Because, it’s happening.

             That’s how it felt earlier, witnessing the wind move the grass.  It was a sacred and precious moment that I was allowed to be, not simply an observer of, but a participant in.

             When we feel a moment in time, when we sit with the stillness of our own Divine-ness, it’s special.  It’s truth.  And what I love is that it’s not limited.  It’s everywhere.  At any second.  For any person.

             Which is why we were gifted with this daily draw.  It’s representing every possible opportunity for holy space.  For our own sacredness.  For the vast options we have in this endless, expansive, promising Universe.

every option
Sacred Hope

             There are charms of great importance shown here, each representing something powerful to us as individuals.  Just as our own experiences are sacred, and specific.   (I suggest that if the illustrated examples don’t ring true, then you may replace them, in your mind’s eye, with icons which do.)

             We have a blank canvas on which to create our journey.  We are able to walk in grace and live in love, with every step we take, should that be the route we select.


I remember to breathe throughout the day.

I remind myself that I can choose peace,

no matter what is going on around me.


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  1. I love those little things that get noticed; the wind on the grass, sometimes looking at rain fall, watching insects as they go about. We’ve had our first bees and dragonflies in the yard this year. Hummingbirds are also cavorting about, and there are a couple hawks that have their flyover right over our back lot.

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