We seem to be keeping with our stewardship theme, right on up to and through this Earth Day.  (Which, to me, is every day.  But I like that the Universe has given us so much to talk about and think on.)

             Looking towards others to keep this planet well is not going to work, we know that, because others have failed.  It’s up to us, even if what we can accomplish is in small steps.

             Here’s how we’re going to do it, with hope and fresh ideas.

Freedom to Create

             We know that there are options, and they are limitless.  Nothing is holding us back from creating and crafting.  We need only begin.  Dream it, and we can have it.  (Mostly.)

             And the reason for this is because we are important.  We are special.  In fact, here’s what I’ve recently come across.

             Wherever we sit right now is a holy place.  Wherever we are right now is a holy space.  We, our own sacred selves matter, and are free to make the choices for our highest good.

             As we do, our actions ripple out.  We make a difference.  We do this for our sacred selves and for our Earth Mother.

             Just as our messenger today brings a spark of mystery, we too, hold that depth of ancient power and knowledge.  When we apply it to our journey, our task of caring for this planet, our creative freedom, we remember that we are healed, as we share the healing.


“Thylacine  ~  27  ~  Wisdom

A large percentage of Tasmania’s wilderness still exists in its virgin state, completely unspoiled by development or land clearing.  Many believe, therefore, that the Thylacine endure in secrecy deep within the heart of the Tasmanian forest, protected by both the inaccessibility of its habitat and its elusive nature.

Carrying folklore status on par with the Loch Ness Monster and Yeti, reports of sightings are common, but never substantiated by photographic or videotaped evidence.  If the myths are true, and the Thylacine does indeed still subsist, its acumen alone has kept it safe and hidden for over 70 years.

When life becomes overwhelming, excessively busy, or too fast, Thylacine advocates having the good judgement to withdraw from the mob and walk alone for a spell, perhaps spending time exploring the truths buried deep within the inner landscape.

Thylacine offers a time of calm; the chance to contemplate our purpose and reasoning rather than seeking the counsel of others.  She espouses quality time spent in solitude.  She prompts us to stop and ask, what is the purpose of my life?  Why have I experienced all that I have?  Why am I here?

Thylacine represents our desire to seek a deeper reality and a more defined truth.  She supports this quest by encouraging us to journey inward to form a relationship with our own thoughts and the natural impulses that instigate our actions.

If Thylacine has appeared in your cards today, you are being encouraged to seek out a silent place of solitude.  Use this sacred space as a vehicle to better know yourself.  Use the sacred silence as a means of deepening your own knowledge and your innate sense of wisdom.  Wait until your instincts tell you that the time has come to return to people, to share your knowledge and hopefully widen the perception of those around you.

She teaches us to deepen our inherent wisdom, to study it, to become one with it, and to share it with others when the time is right.

Gathered over a lifetime of experience, our wisdom is what marks us as unique.  It represents the inherent skills we hold that someday may be presented to the world as instruments of healing and learning.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from last weekend.  In the wilderness.  (But not exactly elusive.)

Maxx, out camping.   Someone walked off down that road, without taking him along!
Maxx, out camping.
Someone walked off down that road, without taking him along!

             Empress and the pack spent some nice quiet time in the woods, and texted a few phone photos when they were able.  This was a refreshing and healing event for all involved.