Today’s message is obviously inspired by what’s currently in my head/in my life.  Because that does happen.  Not every time, and not all that often.  But it does.

             Just as likely though, what shows up is definitely from outside of me.  It’s kind of a nice surprise, how they make themselves known.  And in a few days we’re coming up on the two year anniversary of when these messages first started appearing.

             (Although, I’ve been wondering if I haven’t been getting them for longer, and simply didn’t realize it.)

             Right now, we’re focusing on working side-by-side.  Team work, family dynamics, group sustainability.  I woke up hearing this:

Gathered Together

             Another phrase I heard was, “as one” – which I understood to mean that we need to keep in mind how well and helpful it is when the collective whole is at peace.  Not at war.

             How can we stay true and stay serene?  Especially when one person always seems to be such a selfish pain in the ass?  The answer is, we keep our goal in mind.

            And, we sometimes have to step away.  Permanently, or temporarily.  It’s not easy, but it’s often best.    Feeding into that ego-driven mentality serves no one.  It is not for our highest good.  And, it’s miserable, for all involved.

             Keeping the practice of conscious breath and lovingkindness, that’s what saves us.  That’s what keeps the unity alive, well, and whole.  Also, from our regular rotation around the card altar, there is this idea.


“Wait  ~

Honor your resistance.

Sometimes no action is the best action of all.”

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from one of my recent neighborhood trudges.

Spring is, unquestionably, here.
Spring is, unquestionably, here.

             Look at the color of those poppies.  Nothing else is that shade.  Nothing.  There’s pinks and salmons and almost-reds and corals and mauves and oranges and everything in-between.  But no where, absolutely nowhere else, is there THAT tone.

             I adore this flower.  In all of its guises and varieties.  (This isn’t my yard, but maybe we should consider adding papaver rhoeas and some of its cousins to our messy gardens.)