(Our message today is supremely linked to the daily draw.  Sometimes this synchronicity, all of it, it’s often a bit alarming.)

             We can’t get discouraged when the first sign of chaos arrives.  But, isn’t that exactly when we feel that loss of faith the strongest?  When we stumble and buy into the lie that is fear?

             It’s like, the precise second when we need hope the most, that’s when the struggle sets in, we can’t grab it at all.  Why?  Because, it’s all a lesson and we are still learning it.

             We react, instead of accept, and remember.  In a word, we sometimes simply fall back on panic.  And yet, we KNOW it never helps.

             Waking up today, this is what I heard.  And felt.  And saw.


             The fact that we are so hurt-able should be our clue.  And yet, we survive.  We thrive.  We shove on past, figuring out how best to meet the challenge.

             Somewhere, deep inside, we know the potential for “better” is out there.  We know that we can swing back from terrible.  We know this because it’s true.

             And because we’ve done it before.  So of course we can do it again!

             The very last place we think we can find Potential and Hope is when we’re inside the suffering.  And yet, we do.  We have.  We will.

             Now, as we make our way around the card altar, here’s how we know that this time won’t be the worst, or the last.


“Rhodonite  ~

achievement, potential, emotional balance, an open heart

You are well on the way to achieving your heart’s desire, so trust and keep an open heart and mind.

Life is always full of potential and you are always on the right track, so do not be discouraged by the recent set backs you may have experienced.  Keep quietly focused on all that which you wish to create and achieve.

Enjoy the journey and keep a loving attitude.  Have patience and faith, and the universe will hep you manifest your dreams.

Something wonderful is soon to occur.  Trust.  Keep an open heart and mind.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Affirmation:

I will love myself enough today to allow the light of my soul to shine through and reveal my inner beauty, truth, and purpose.