We’re going to return to the topic of Acceptance.  Our message bounced in today, bits and pieces at a time.  Picking up on the idea of how this is a synonym for being at one with what is.

             Being ourselves, and not apologizing for that.  Looking at and enjoying this journey as we move through it, not against it.

Freedom and Possibility

             Our identity is in reacting the way we’ve always reacted.  So, when we take a stab at Freedom, we are opening up those Possibilities, away from what we are conditioned to rely on.

             When we accept who and how we are, accept everything that has resulted in what we are right now, we can be present with ourselves in a way that ends the suffering.

             The focus point is on being present.  We come into existence with the moment.  We live in the Possibilities by being mindful and here.

             Conscious, compassionate awareness makes all the difference.  It begins the healing, it solidifies the lessons.  When we are present with ourselves, accepting us as we are, there is no problem.  There is nothing to fix.

             The more we are present, the better we feel.  And the better we feel, the more we want to be present.

             What more perfect way to be in the moment is there, than being with family and friends?  That’s our daily draw, reminding us of what is valuable.  What has meaning.

friends and family
10 of Pentacles

             We know that a Ten always brings new beginnings, the start of something fresh and exciting.  When it’s in the suite of Pentacles, it has to do with money, riches, prosperity, treasure, and that which we hold the most dear.

             I love the multi-generational aspect of this illustration.  It’s one of our Happy Home cards.  The grandness of the scene is soothing and feels like such domestic harmony.

             It’s the Hope, I think, which we can all sense.  It’s the Hope which brings us into the present, with Power and Freedom and Possibilities.

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