Evidently, the Universe feels that this Support message needs to be hammered home.  Repeatedly.  We’re still getting it.

             The twist today has more to do with how we live with it, how we stay connected, and how we dwell in a state of …………

shared labor.

             Most of the images I was shown this morning were similar to communal homesteads.  Because when we work together, the work itself is easier.

             The reminder is about how we can support ourselves and our loved ones by doing what we do best, by enacting the “play to our strength” attitude.

             Isn’t there a bible line about how many hands make the labor less work?  Well, that’s the idea.  When we do the chores that we don’t mind, and everyone else does too, then everything gets done and none of it seems so difficult.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the altar, we are given an idea of how to incorporate this into our day-to-day, how to remove the label of “work” and perceive all of our tasks as creating experiences of shared joy.


“Creativity  ~  III  ~  Major Arcana

From the alchemy of fire and water below to the divine light entering from above, the figure in this card is literally ‘possessed’ by the creative force.

Really, the experience of creativity is an entry into the mysterious.  Technique, expertise, and knowledge are just tools; the key is to abandon oneself to the energy that fuels the birth of all things.

This energy has no form or structure, yet all the forms and structures come out of it.

It makes no difference what particular form your creativity takes – it can be painting or singing, planting a garden or making a meal.  The important thing is to be open to what wants to be expressed through you.

Remember that we don’t posses our creations; they do not belong to us.  True creativity arises from a union with the divine, with the mystical and the unknowable.

Then it is both a joy for the creator and a blessing to others.”

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

FLP Report:

begins with this (disturbing and highly illegal) view from earlier today.  (No state visible.  At.  All.)

Honda, you're doing it wrong.
Honda, you’re doing it wrong.

             And continues with a special issue Washington (for hose-draggers), an Arizona (notable because we haven’t seen one in ages), a possible repeat Tennessee, an unknown state featuring a beautiful water bird, new New Mexico, that one with the palm tree I love, a Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, Florida, and lastly, a single Iowa spotted at the grocery store.


2 thoughts on “Mutually Maintaining

  1. Regards the license plate; the only clue is the shape, which leads me to believe it is Indiana. But I had to double check…

    Love the message today, and for once not put off by the card. Very good things to remember, those.

    1. Dan said that, too. Several plates have those, which to me, just look like mysterious blobs…… I have no idea how OTHER states are shaped. (I’ll leave it to you two. Detect away!)

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