One of our running jokes here in The Burrow is that Daniel is a problem solver, and I’m . . . . . . not.  Situations occur, and he deals with them.  I’m more of a person who has things happen TO her.

             It seems like the world is divided up into those who fix, and those who need fixing.  (I know, very dramatic and sweeping of me, but hey, you know which category is mine, and which is his.)

             Today’s message is a blend of others we’ve received lately.  It’s about being part of our Clan, supporting our community, and extending that helping hand.

Seeking Solutions

             The deal with solving problems and lending aid is that it often takes time and gray matter.  We need to apply our minds as well as our hands.

             And these lessons can’t be rushed.  The time they take is precisely how long it takes.  Solutions aren’t a get-it-done-now sort of deal (and if they are, they usually don’t last).

             Do we need more information?  Have we looked at all the options?  Can we simply sit for a quiet moment, and calm our minds so that an answer appears?

             My favorite way to find out what the underlying issue is, is to put on a guided meditation recording and rest.  Much like this messenger in our daily draw, (once I get past the initial PANIC! response) I’m fairly able to wait for whatever comes next.

             However we face our challenges, as long as we do it with honesty, with lovingkindness, we’ll learn, and we’ll grow.  Because sometimes, that’s the solution.


“Chameleon  ~

‘Conceal ambition with patience until it is time to make your move.’

Chameleon is at one with herself and her world, her senses subtle, artful, otherworldly, her very skin sensing her environment and mimicking the colors that surround her.

Be aware of subtle energies – the etheric vibrations that emanate from us all, psychic visions from afar – and trust to their message. 

In the tricky world of business, bide your time.  Become gray and unnoticeable, perfectly positioned to assess the myriad currents and independent ambitions at play – and only then, like Chameleon striking a fly, make your move.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages  By Susie Green

Today’s Sharing:

is going to be required reading/watching.  Go HERE and see my Seattle girl‘s latest (exceptionally well done) piece on debt, and be sure to watch the videos.  Like really, watch the videos!