This morning, I may have had a message.  But I didn’t hear it.  Instead, this is what I woke up to (and woke up to and woke up to and woke up to) :

  • (two hours after getting in to bed)  Maxx snoring
  • (an hour or so later)  Maxx throwing himself at the vertical blinds
  • (while still at the window)  Maxx barking at cats
  • (about an hour before my alarm went off)  Maxx racing upstairs to bark at the front yard
  • (approximately wake-up time)  Maxx draped across my legs, snoring again
And yet, he looks so innocent.
And yet, he looks so innocent.

                    It was a Maxx day, we went with that.  (He was actually super well-behaved, during the awake portion of our visit, plus it was pretty nice to have him hanging around the house with us for a bonus day.)

             And ya know, I don’t question.  This is how my time went, so that’s how my time was supposed to go.

             Right now, we’ll just enjoy this daily draw, and the above view of our Grand Dog, accepting them as the gifts that they truly seem to be.


“Love  ~

Whether it’s between friends, family members, or romantically,

love can be complex –

but it doesn’t have to be!

Love is wanting to be together, having mutual respect for each other, and having fun.  

Love is a beautiful, magical feeling, and it brings us all closer to the Divine Source.”

Today’s Deck:

Heart and Soul Cards by (the late) Sylvia Browne

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS site that Corina posted in the comments recently.  Super interesting and well done, thanks!


2 thoughts on “Some days……….

  1. Animals. Gotta love ’em. 1:30 – I woke up to a hamster chewing on the cage. 3:30 – I woke up to a hamster chewing on the cage. 5:00 – I woke up to a puppy howling. Then 6 am I woke up to my hands clawing on my throat because my airway had closed up. I literally couldn’t breathe. I slid to the floor trying to crawl quickly to my husband (out in the livingroom with the puppy) before I passed out. That position allowed me a small hole to suck air into, whistling. I realized then that my throat was cramping and started yelling at myself to relax. Eventually I could breathe again. It took a little longer before I could swallow. This morning really sucked. (Both my husband and I have the flu courtesy of Spider Bait’s teacher who passed it around his class. My throat is fire engine red now, feels stiff and spasms on me. So much for having the 3 day variety.)

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