Yesterday and today I experienced some unfortunate incidents (don’t worry, no one died).  In the face of difficulty, there was generosity and unconditional aid.

             This evening, with all of those feelings still with me, I’m sorting out our message.  What I heard as I woke up today is in reference to a topic we’ve discussed here before.

             It’s an attitude we need to retain, or at the very least, regain.  That feeling of a village, a clan, a community, that sensation we have when we’re……….

in support of others.

             It’s valuable, and we can’t live without it.  We are pack animals; even when we relish our alone-time (and boy, do I!), we still have to gather, hold up, and support.

             This daily draw that I was directed to is an excellent accompaniment.  Reminding us that to live in a genuine way is to live fully, and with our tribe in truth and in strength.


“Spirit of Place  ~  4  ~

‘Authenticity is the essence of power.’

Our ancient ancestors believed that every place has a Spirit looking after it or embodying it: just as we have a soul, the plants, trees, birds, mountains, and rivers have their own essences.

When the Spirit of Place arrives in your reading, it says that the answer to your query is in the overarching theme of your circumstances.  

Is your question about a struggle?  The answer is to relax and let go of your need to control the situation.  If your inquiry relates to finding love, then embody love rather than long for it.

Once you find the essential truth that underlies your question and then name it, you will discover the answer you’ve been seeking.  Your greatest power is your authenticity.”

Today’s Deck:

Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is this gift item.  We recently placed an order with a company called Blue Q (that I read about on Alana’s site).

Didn't we all?
Didn’t we all?

             I’m such a bag lady I want to order all of them!  (Except the ones with cats, obviously.)


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  1. I can always find some way that the day’s message applies to me, but some days (like today) it’s as if it was specifically directed to my specific circumstances. Thanks for being part of my village, dear Julie. 🙂

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