Today was a holiday (or part of a holiday) for many of us.  Here in The Burrow, we celebrated quietly by taking a walk.  No witchlings at home and family plans for later in the week.  It was peaceful and serene.

             That calm feeling is what I woke up with (even though I also heard thunder and hail outside the sliding glass door).  Whether it’s an event that you take part in or not, let’s be grateful for our gifts.

             One of which (we are being reminded by this entirely appropriate draw) is the very place that we are right now.

mother earth

“Turtle  ~  23  ~  Mother Earth

Even when surrounded by those we love and respect, we sometimes feel alone and isolated.  We sometimes forget our connection to Spirit and the relationship we have with the Earth Mother and Creation.  We feel apart from, rather than a part of, nature.  We feel disconnected from the Great Wheel of Life and believe ourselves to be alone.

Turtle, however, reminds us that we are never alone – that the Earth is our Mother and that she loves, speaks, protects, and provides for us every day.

Due to their ancient heritage, Turtles have long been revered as symbols of the Earth Mother, longevity, and protection.  Turtle lays her eggs deep within the warm sands of Mother Earth, confiding in her the protection and nurturing of her offspring.  She trusts that the Earth Mother will provide them with all they need to develop so that they may emerge as strong, independent representatives of the next generation.

To hide something sacred within the dark abyss of Mother Earth, away from the light of Grandfather Sun, is symbolic of the ritualistic death endured by individuals of many ancient cultures in their search for healing, ancestral wisdom, and spiritual enlightenment.

As the Turtle’s young emerge from the sand, they are in fact rebirthing as if from the Womb of the Earth Mother.  Their first birth is symbolised by the laying of the egg into the Earth, with the re-birth symbolised by the breaking free of the coffin-like eggshell to emerge from the nurturing energy of Mother Earth into the light of Grandfather Sun.

If Turtle has gently nudged her way into your cards today, you are being prepared for profound change – in the form of healing (regarding family issues, secrets, etc.), personal growth, and an awakening of sorts.  You are literally being prepared for rebirth, emergence, and a return to clarity.

You are also being reconnected in a sacred way to the creative force of the Earth Mother’s womb, her heart, and the inherent wisdom she yearns to impart.

You are being reminded that we are ‘all related’ and that, even when you believe yourself forsaken, you are being cradled and nurtured by Mother Earth.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this video, my holiday gift to you.  Enjoy.

             (She’s 11.  As in ELEVEN YEARS OLD, and has been playing for around 6 years.  From what I can find, she has two older sisters, their instruments are violin and piano.)

             Her name is Alisa Sadikova.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go watch it one more time…… and probably another after that.


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