Where religious and spiritual tracts talk about “armies of angels” they were being literal.  Such a thing is actually for real.

             Because here’s the important part that we need to always remember about these celestial warriors, they are here for us.  And they are here for everyone.  In every cultural, every tradition; every single belief system has some form of divine helpers.

             Today, I woke up to this message:

Angelic Aid

             There are as many images of them as there are individual artists.  All are the truth.  All are reality.  Our personal connections are based on our specific need.  As are our personal renditions of what they look like.

             To let this form of assistance slip past us, simply because we don’t enjoy a certain type of illustration, is to cheat ourselves (and them) out of some extremely healing interactions.

             And besides, isn’t it kinda rude to say no to a gift?

             The directions were clear, as I stood before our card altar, this is the way to go, and THIS is what we need to hear.

angelic aid

“Angel of Prayer  ~

‘Ask the Universe and the Angels for help and guidance.’

You are never alone, nor do you need to tackle or solve everything on your own.  The universe, gods/goddesses, and the angels are always listening; all you need to do is ask for their help and guidance.

Prayer does not need to be formal or structured as has been the tradition for so long in many religions.  You may converse with the universe, God/Goddess, the angels, ascended masters, and all beings of light and love, in your own language and in your own way.

The universal power is your loving friend.  The pure essence of creation responds immediately to all your requests, however, due to the universal law of choice, it will not act or intervene unless it is asked to do so.

Discuss the current issue along with any other fear or concern you may have with the Angel of Prayer now.”

Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

This Week’s Kitchen Adventures:

is what I shared on Instagram the other night.

Every time I use this recipe, it gets easier.

             This time, my additions were caraway seeds and horseradish cheddar.  Yeah, they are never NOT terrific, no matter what I stir in.

             (They are also [still] the only entry under that new[-ish] food-related tab in my header.)


2 thoughts on “Attending Advisers

  1. Horseradish cheddar!? Oh, my. That sounds wonderful. Definitely not in the local grocery store. Will have to check the Giant Eagle near where Spider Bait goes to school. They have a huge cheese area. Maybe I’ll get lucky. 🙂

    You know, Simple Abundance also talks about asking for help. That if you don’t ask, you don’t receive. And so often we just don’t take the time. (Kinda like taking that 3 minutes every day. 😉 ) So a good reminder for the day!

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