We know why we’re here, even though it often feels as though we don’t.  (Hint: to learn.)

             What we frequently also forget is how strong we are.  How powerful.  How adaptable.  How enormously alive.  How everything we do and live through is……….

Entirely Survivable

             Our reminder right now is of our own vitality.  Our Divine tenacity and fortitude.  We can withstand so much more than we ever give ourselves credit for.

             We do it every day.  And we will continue to do it into all of our tomorrows.  It’s imperative that we remember this.  Always, remember it.

             And, we must remember that we never do it alone.  Just as our daily draw proves, we are part of Team, of a community, and of an ever expanding Universe.

nature spirits

“Partnerships and Love  ~  2  ~  Nature Spirits

Infatuation, Romance, Connection, Introduction

Your Nature Spirits, known as runners, are working to introduce you to a wonderful new partnership to fulfill your heart’s desire.  Whether in the areas of business, friendships, or romantic love, these practical guides are leading you directly toward the appropriate person to best support your soul at this time.

Follow your heart as they strive to connect you with the right association.  Be more open to others, especially those whom you meet by chance.  Say hello to the new neighbor in your building, suggest having lunch with the intriguing woman who sat next to you at your last business gathering, or strike up a conversation with the guy in front of you in the checkout line (even if it’s not your usual habit).

In reality, it’s not accidental that you suddenly find yourself attracted to certain people.  Your runners placed you in their path so that you could meet.

Invite these energetic Nature Spirits to continue to direct you to others who are significant for your soul path.  Their message is to you: ‘relax.  We will make all the necessary introductions that you seek‘.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Personal From Me To You:

              Deargawd the irony of our lives is sometimes so loud we can’t help but laugh.  Although tonight, it’s more like crying.

             I have a killer headache, as I sit here an hour before regular post time.  And yet, I sit here, typing away and getting the post up.  The topic of which couldn’t BE more appropriate.

             I’ll be fine, because apparently, it’s survivable!  (Just thought you should know.)


7 thoughts on “Makin’ It

  1. Don’t you love it when the Universe up and smacks you with not just the message but the (or a) manifestation of the message? Yeah, me neither. Thanks for the BD wishes!

  2. There’s a saying that occurred to me at some point, and which I’ve since used when discussing physical or mental discomforts: “I’ll live (until I die, and it won’t be from this).”

    (((HUGS))) & healing for the headache, hopefully it has faded away by the time you read this! And thank you for your dedication to us!

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