Over the years, I’ve heard several (metaphysical and spiritual) professionals remark that the Whoopi Goldberg – Demi Moore – (late beloved) Patrick Swayze 1990 movie Ghost was one of the most accurate representations of what happens to us when we head Home.  I’d like to personally endorse this opinion.

             The latest example is today’s message.  The way we cross-over, it is very much like that film.  And this morning, my sleep was disturbed because of the urgency of our reminder.

Light Shining Brightly

             There is a spark of the Divine in us all, and when viewed past our earthbound eyes, it is beyond bright.  That knowledge, that fact, that memory is our current focus.

             Because it doesn’t just appear when we die.  It’s there all the time.  In us, around us, and between us.  Accessible and available to us.

             Take a moment.  Breathe deeply.  Sit quietly, and you’ll feel it.

  • the light that brightens our day
  • the light that comes from within
  • the light that quells negativity
  • the light we share with others
  • the light that smooths our path
  • the light that lifts us above the crap
  • the light we can never take for granted

             Even on our card altar we are validated.  Look at the way this illustration is centered on how the light shines and bends and moves.

dolphin crystals

“Synchronicity  ~  

‘Your prayers and questions are being answered by synchronistic events.

Notice them in order to increase their flow.’

As a result of all your prayers and manifestation work, you are now attracting synchronistic events.  Those ‘chance meetings,’ information that you just ‘happen’ to receive, and the other synchronicities are really answered prayers.

By drawing this card, the Universe calls your attention to the synchronicity and serendipity happening in your life.  The more you notice these magical events, the more they will occur for you.  Even better, write them down in a journal as a way to stimulate more synchronicity in your life.

You may already know that there are no coincidental or accidental occurrences.  This card reflects your recent focus on positive thoughts, which are being directed toward your desires.

Like a magical energy beam that can influence physical objects, your optimism and faith are reshaping your life into a masterpiece that reflects your higher self.”

Today’s Deck:

Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Sharing:

is of the book type.  THIS TRIO is where I’ve been spending most of my time lately.  It’s good (not great, but definitely very good).  I do love a big fat historical series with time-travel and magic.  Plus, ya know, witches.


4 thoughts on “Basic Brilliance

  1. What a fabulous description of life’s light! When coupled with the timely reminder to find that light, plus such a great card, that is a profound message indeed. Plus, a fun movie and an interesting looking book(s) link.

  2. I am going to be writing that ‘light’ list down. You should put that somewhere for keeps, too. I’m going to have to look into those books. They look pretty interesting. And I need to go look up Albert Einstein and magic. When the author was asked if she believed in magic she said yes and that she would never argue with Albert Einstein. NOT someone I would associate with magic!

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