I woke up with questions in my head today.  As if our message was one that we needed to ask about, instead of answer.  Because ya know, not enough challenges!

             Although, once they began to settle, the way it appeared made more sense.  (Eventually.)  And our daily draw suited it perfectly.  (No fighting this process, seriously.)

Doing What We Love

             What are we passionate about?  What makes our heart sing?  Who do we enjoy spending time with?  Where do we feel the most at home?

             Are we taking all the steps necessary to be Joyful?  Are we sharing lovingkindness at every opportunity?  Are we stopping to take a mindful quiet moment and say Thank You?

             What we are being reminded of is that, there’s always a choice.  We can always step off, and move another direction.  There are more options than we can even imagine.

             All we really have to do IS to imagine!  Just think it up, it’s there.  Bring it to that amazingly simple focus of choice.  And then, pick something.

             The way we can put this in to practice is by utilizing the trick of this Major Arcana representative.

robin wood tarot
The Hanged Man ~ 12

             His entire aim is to help us with perspective.  Have you ever draped yourself across a bed or couch, on your back, with your head hanging over the edge?

             Doesn’t the entire room appear different?  Even if it’s a room you’ve been in a zillion times?  That’s the gift of our Hanged Man.

             He is not being hung, he is in the act of hanging, looking at his world from another vantage point.  And that’s what he wants us to do.

             When we see things (options, choices, avenues of travel) from another angle, we are better able to move forward.  Also, we’re just better able to move.  Because, from that point, that different perspective, we can truly see.

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is to say that right now I’m listening to THIS.  It’s extremely inspirational, even though I have no idea what anyone is saying.  (Maybe that’s exactly why this type of music is so great for writing.)


7 thoughts on “Our Selection Process

  1. Snort. My life view point has suddenly been geared to that of an 8 week old puppy. Oh, yeah, I’m seeing life from a whole ‘nother angle! 🙂

    And, oh, have I mentioned that I am NOT a morning person? blerg…

      1. Yay! I wondered if it had gotten lost by the postal service. This month’s painting will be cut out & put on my wall in a few days, because I can’t bear to cover it 😉

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