Yesterday we spoke of our Acceptance around the All.  Today, we’re hearing some details.  And a fine-tuning has occurred.

             Which, not coincidentally in any sort of way, is ideal for this particularly festive calendar event.

Large and Small

             At 3:30 this afternoon (my time), we reached an equal: day and night.  From now on, we are heading into the growing, warming, lit-for-longer part of the year.

             As we know that ups-downs are our standard, so too, are light and dark.  Our journey is not about the destination, it’s about the traveling.  Through good/bad, through dim/bright.  And, of course, everything in between.

             Grays, we travel through lots and lots of grays.  Because, that’s how we learn.  And when we learn, our journey becomes more fun.

             For this holiday, we move to our Special Occasion draw.  And oh, how VERY appropriate it is!


“Dog  ~  26  ~  Loyalty

As a demonstration of loyalty in its purest form, Dog embodies unconditional love, faith, and tolerance.  To treat a Dog with respect and commitment will see it return that love and devotion ten-fold, if not more.

While Dog strongly believes in loyalty, commitment, and hierarchy, she also has faith in maintaining the integrity of our personal values and beliefs……

She nurtures the ability to forgive when appropriate, to accept imperfection, and to maintain truth and loyalty towards others – but more importantly, she demands you treat yourself with the same level of respect.  Dog will only take abuse for so long, you see, before she turns on her oppressor in order to regain power, protect herself, and retain integrity.

Dog is a powerful teacher that inspires trust, love, and acceptance – qualities that can only be harnessed in others when first established in and for the self.

If Dog has loped into your cards today, you are being reminded of the love you have surrounding you at this time; love that you may be taking for granted or that you believe is no longer there.  

Is your loyalty to another a bit one-sided or no longer nurturing your needs?  Are you sacrificing your true feelings for fear of being rejected?  Is the loyalty in your relationship out of balance?

Dog Dreaming reminds us to maintain the loyalty we have to ourselves as our prime objective, for without it we cannot expect loyalty or unconditional love to be returned to us in any form.”

Today’s Deck:

Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards by Scott Alexander King

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from upstairs a moment ago.

He represents only a third of the dogs in my house right now.
He represents only a third of the dogs in my house right now.

             Empress, and her significant-other, have left all of their canines in my care for the weekend.  When the Deputy is home, much more movement happens.  When it’s just me and the dogs, couch-riding is our activity of choice.


7 thoughts on “The Balancing

  1. Sometimes you are just down right spooky. In a good way. 😀 Yesterday afternoon, on the 20th, I brought home a puppy. It wasn’t a planned thing. A friend had gotten a puppy and while waiting for the pups to get old enough to come home she had shown me a picture of the litter. I had liked one particular pup and said, “That one.”, but it was taken and she had chosen another. The time comes and she brings him home. Then a couple of days ago I get a call. The lady she had gotten her pup from had called. A pup had been returned the day after it went home. The man had put the brand new puppy on the floor with his older dog and his 6 year old grandson. (OMG, don’t get me started.) Luckily all that happened was that the older dog snapped at the boy when he went to pet the puppy. It freaked the guy out and he was on her doorstep the following morning returning the pup. She had never had anyone return a dog before (and he was insistent that he had done things ‘right’) and thus was a bit upset. She had called my friend to ask if she knew anyone who would want a puppy. Thus the call to me. And, yes, it was the pup I had pointed out in the video. So sooner than planned for (still kinda shaking my head), for better or worse, I am now a doggy mom again. A red, blue-eyed border collie we have named Ryder.

    1. A new BORDER COLLIE puppy?! Holy crap.

      Since that’s probably one of the world’s smartest breeds, I expect to see him showing up here any day now.

  2. I have been wondering something (mildly related to the first day of Spring). There was a solar eclipse visible in Europe in conjunction with the equinox and with a “super moon”, making the event a “trifecta.” I read that a “so called super moon” occurs when the moon is closest to earth, and will appear to be 12% bigger, and notably brighter. Now, since the moon gets its light from the sun, and the very definition of a solar eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the sun, isn’t that a new moon, and in no way, shape or form can it appear brighter from earth? Do the copy editors even read things these days?

    I love that Dog has loped into our lives today, and that dog dog dog are gracing your abode.

    1. This, in some form or another, was in articles concerning Friday: “The Supermoon is a full or new moon that occurs during the moon’s closest approach to Earth on its elliptical orbit, according to AccuWeather.

      What makes it super? It’s when a full or new moon coincides with perigee — the moon’s closest point to Earth in its orbit. Basically, the Supermoon, when full, appears a bit bigger and brighter than usual in the night sky.

      Since this Supermoon is during a new moon, it will not be visible, but it will block out the sun during the solar eclipse.”

      1. Yay. Both articles I read referred to this moon being brighter. I am glad there was something from someone that was accurate!

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