What’s the opposite of vitally engaged and lively?  Whatever it is (and seriously, I can’t even be bothered to throw my thesaurus at it), that’s me today.

             Does it stop me from banging out this message?  No.  No, it does not.  My (entirely unpaid) work is more important than this debilitating state of ennui in which I seem to be residing.

             How very ironic, too.  Because this one is focused on:


             It’s about the way we transform our very being with attitude and authority.  We are able to move freely, being this dynamic person of self-authority.

             Every choice we make is an action, creating our future.  We have that kind of strength, we really do.  Even when we don’t put it to any sort of good use.

             We are spiritually enriched creatures of enormous reserve, like huge heart-shaped batteries.  When our source of energy feels like it’s running low, we can plug in, recharge, and move forward.

             On our card altar, this is where I was directed today.  In a stroke of supreme validation, we can absolutely see how important our empowerment truly is.

             (Also, how absolutely adorable and inspiring is this illustration?!)


Intention  ~  22  ~ 

‘Deliberate.  Clear intentions have the power to change our world.’

Your objectives will be fulfilled at this time.  Inspired  intentions are like magic arrows shot into the sky.

The universe is bringing you a gift, showing you that you are hitting your mark.  Recognize that you’re not the one who has to do all the work, however; others help you co-create reality.

You connect to the power of your intention, sending it out into the field, then allow for synchronicity to work its magic.  Perhaps the good intentions of others will inspire you to send out beautiful ones of your own.

Own the life you want to lead, and live deliberately, with clarity and detachment.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is the second view from our upstairs almanac calendar.

Just because it's pretty.
Just because it’s pretty.

             Some days I simply need to see the sun set into an ocean.