This morning our message was loud, but not necessarily clear.  It filtered in throughout the day.  (A sort of strange and busy day, it was, too.)

             Recently in a business-related e-mail, I wrote that I’m pretty terrible about self-promotion.  Which is kind of what we’re talking about now.  Why is it so hard for us to take credit for our own excellent work?

Honour and Due

             It should be easy to say, “hey, look!  I did a great job on that one.”  And yet, the words are difficult to spit out.  They stick and become a bad taste instead of a sweet sound.

             We can be proud of ourselves, maybe silently.  But we struggle with taking that credit for a job well done.

             The Universe is calling bullshit on all of it.  We are being reminded that there is no such thing as false pride.  When we do our best, and it sparkles?  Own it.   And own it loudly.

             On our card altar, this daily draw making an appearance within the regular rotation, speaks of allowing us to offer that same graciousness in the case of ourselves, as we do for others.

mary magdalene

“Forgiveness  ~  St Mary Magdalene

You are preparing for a wonderful new chapter in your life, and forgiveness is part of your preparation.  

It’s a refreshing and deeply healing shower of love that cleanses you inside and out.

This gives you energy, stamina, high self-esteem, and it frees you to be yourself….. “

Today’s Deck:

Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Today’s Affirmation:

Dear Archangel Haniel,

thank you for helping me gracefully accept and appreciate myself, others, and my life.


2 thoughts on “Accredited

  1. It’s that old patriarchal crap. Like children, we should be seen but not heard. It’s such a lode of bullshit. If a man says, “Yeah, I nailed it!” he gets pats on the back. If a woman does? Pick a name, pushy, braggart, bitch, but few pats on the back. I got all bent out of whack watching ‘Amazing Race’ (This is one reality show I do like.). A woman did the challenge, which was taking apart a transmission to get a clue, and kicked butt. She left guys still trying to figure out what to unscrew and one of them says, “I can’t believe I got beaten by a girl.” AAAARRGH! I just wanted to smack him. Makes me crazy. On that note, I’ll shut up. My eyes are starting to cross.

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