Coming from a mixed heritage, my background (ancestrally and culturally) is eclectic.  As is my huge family.  There are lots of us.  Lots.

             The problem with being one of so many and so varied is that when we are away from the others, or we lose some because they’ve gone Home before us, we miss them.  That’s part of our message today (but it’s also how I’ve been feeling lately).

Heart Connected

             Whether we have a made or born-into group of loved ones, who we treasure matters.  Who we gather around us makes a difference, on a soul level.

             Feeling those connections deeply and honestly is like providing nourishment to our hearts.  Even when we miss them, that emotion is healing.  And today, that’s where we need to spend some time, honouring those connections and feelings.

             It was difficult for me to gather this one up, and as I stood before our card altar, this daily draw stepped in, and handed me the gift of completion.

spiritual ancestors

“Community  ~  3  ~  Spiritual Ancestors

Tribe, Family, Camaraderie, Kinship

Your Spiritual Ancestors are gathering around you at this time, holding you in their light and connecting you with your spiritual family here on Earth.  Your soul is now seeking the kind of love and support that comes from being part of the right community – ‘your people,’ so to speak.

Not wanting you to feel isolated in any way, your ancestors hear your soul call and are presently guiding you toward kindred spirits.

Understand and realize that you can’t achieve your goals alone; be open to support.  You need the soul-energizing support of your tribe.

Give up any notions you have of going it alone in life, and develop the insight and wisdom to recognize your limitations.  

Follow your ancestors’ directions; it is they who encourage you to join a club, enroll in a course, or sign up for the neighborhood team.  You never know whom you’ll meet.

Your ancestors’ message for you is: ‘open your heart and feel our presence in your life, be open to your spiritual family on Earth, too’.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from a (very rainy) neighborhood wander that The Deputy and I recently enjoyed.

Look for my blue water bottle…….

             This is a wall of jasmine in bloom.  To say that it smelled “good” doesn’t even come close.  I wanted to set up a tent in their yard.  (As it was, we stood in the street for an exceptionally long time.)

             If it wasn’t all up-hill from here, I’d be bugging those folks a LOT more often.


4 thoughts on “Kindred

  1. My ‘tribe’ today is animals. I spent a long time last night, (umm, well, this morning 😉 ), thinking about and missing my canine friends. I’m ready for another dog.

    A wall of Jasmine. Oh, my. How beyond wonderful! We can only keep them as houseplants here, and they don’t always want to flower for you. *sigh*

  2. Playing some catch up this morning, and this post caught my eye. I have done some guided imagery work, and one of the lines in it is discussing your “team” and uses the phrase “…or a powerful ancestor whose banner you’ve carried.” I come from a (paternal) line of men who served in the military that goes back pretty far. These guys are part of my team, although I never knew any of them personally (except for my father). Very interesting.

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