While we most often equate putting on a body and living this physical life with attending boarding school, there is also the Adventure aspect which we can’t ignore.  The whole “this is so new and strange!” element that just can’t be overlooked.

             What I was made aware of this morning is simply another reminder of why we’re here.  And how we can get more out of it all.

Our Chosen Path

             This can’t be stressed strongly enough, we are NOT racing to the finish to see who has collected the most crap!  That’s entirely the opposite of our point of being here.

             It absolutely is NOT the destination.  It has everything to do with the journey and the roads we select.  Also, when we opt to veer off of a particular avenue.

             This is the life we picked, or at least, some version of it.  So, we have to remember why that selection was made.  Once we’ve narrowed it down, and recalled our purpose, we may then proceed.  At whatever pace feels right and appropriate.

             Meandering or zipping right along, doesn’t matter, so long as we do it mindfully and with lovingkindness.  For ourselves, and for everyone around us.

             One of the other reasons we’re here, in addition to our lessons, is to interact and swap knowledge.  Which is precisely what our daily draw says.


“Sharing of Yourself  ~

‘I am an incredibly generous being.’

Card meaning:

Share who you are with others.  Give what you have, what you do, and who you are.  Be generous.  The more freely and fully you share of yourself, the more freely and fully the Universe will give to you.

The Universe wants you to know:

You need to share from the depths of your soul.  Allow others to see your essence and feel your radiance.  If you give with the thought that it’s something you must do as a duty or sacrifice, you may feel depleted.

However, if you give with the belief that there is no scarcity of energy, funds, or joy, the Universe will pour an abundance of these things into your life.  Don’t expect to receive something in return – rather, be generous just because it feels right.

You can only give as much as your capacity to receive, so open yourself to receiving even more.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I give even more?  What is stopping the flow within my life?  What could occur in my life if I gave without reservations?


I am an incredibly generous being.”

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Sharing:

is from one of our favorite friends (and an incredibly generous being).

Can your hear it?
She stood in this spot on Monday.

             Thank you, Anna.  You were correct, I could use it!  (Also, I really needed it, too.)


6 thoughts on “A-Journey-ing Along

  1. Hahaha, I was practicing ‘lovingkindness, dammit’ as hard as I could last night with a store clerk that I have no idea how she has kept her job. I even managed to keep a civil tone of voice! Husband’s head ’bout exploded, though. 😀

    I have to work on ‘receiving’ from others in my life. Growing up, ‘receiving’ came with strings attached, always. So when something ‘nice’ heads my way from those I don’t know, I have a tendency to look for the other shoe. It’s one of those ‘bad habits’, ya know?

    Oh, yes, I hear the waves. Wish I could come up with the smell as well. There’s nothing like it.

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