Every six weeks I sit in a chair at my orthodontist’s office.  We are making adjustments.  And most of the time, they range from slightly uncomfortable pressure, to down right painful.

             I want to save all the teeth that are currently in my head, and eventually, add a few more.  So, I endure.  Today’s appointment gave me an opportunity to practice our message.

             Chanting silently about lovingkindness has become easier and more natural, the more I’ve been doing it.  (Did I also take OTC pain relief?  Oh, hell yeah.)

Exceptional Peace

             Learning to let go of stress is only part of the task.  Recognizing what triggers that reaction comes first.  THEN we can work on the release of those struggles.

             Calm deep breathing sounds like a cliché, and yet, it truly does help.  To find our inner serenity, we need only go within.  Taking that quick few moments to aim our focus, returning ourselves to a pre-panic state of mind, is not difficult.  It just takes practice.

            Mindful practice.   Continual and repetitive practice.

             Not even slightly coincidental, in this return to the regular rotation around our card altar, we have been gifted with even more tools on this exact topic.

hematite jasper

“Tiger Iron  ~  (Also known as Jasper, Hematite, and Tiger Eye)

mental clarity, grounding, assertiveness, vitality, sexual energy

The peace and mental clarity you seek can only be found by grounding your abstract spiritual ideas and concepts into your every day physical life.

That is, to bring things back to basics and honour the fact that you have been blessed with this physical life.  Realise that, while you are highly spiritual in nature, it is no mistake that you are here.

As has been so eloquently said by one of our world’s greatest teachers, ‘you are a spiritual person who is having a physical experience,’ and as such, you are being urged to honour your humanity.

The Tiger Iron crystal will help ground you and revitalise your sexual energy.  Both these qualities are needed in order to be an effective force on earth, and to live a fulfilling and inspired life.

Remember – spirit is not in the clouds.  It is here, right in the thick of things, that the beauty, majesty, and power of ‘spirit’ are experienced.

You do not have to run away from the world in order to find peace, for the true peace you seek is inside you.  The true spiritual master is one who is able to find peace, even in the midst of turmoil.


I may not have the power to change the world, but I have the power to change my perception of it.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno


6 thoughts on “To Be Tranquil

  1. Breathing is pretty amazing thing. It is the one body function that is both autonomic and controllable. There are things that can be done with breathing to mitigate stress, calm stress hormones that are flooding your body in times of immediate crisis (two different things, by the way) and aid in relaxation and meditation. I have also learned that breathing is something crucial to playing the tuba, and there are other techniques that can be used to expand lung capacity and efficient usage of air. Really cool stuff, to my mind. I had one day, while I was an active numbered person, in which breathing played an important part in a stress management training, a hands-on combat training, and a tuba lesson. All this stuff is related!

  2. Good reminder. Lately I’ve been feeling like a ball in a pinball machine. It’s screwing with my sleep more than usual. Time for a forced break.

    And did I mention how much I love crystals? 😀 I have a huge chunk of Tiger Iron sitting on an end table. Beautiful stuff.

  3. Got your note. Thanks!!
    Took a few minutes to look over my old blog. So many memories, laughter, sorrow, stupidity. I really should take it up again. Maybe. I’ll try to be less of a stranger, but not promises. The Quayle blood runs deep.

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