This morning I woke up with the image of exceptionally efficient recycling in my head.  Partly because we recently dropped off some electronics for re-use and salvage (to THIS PLACE), and partly because that’s the message we’re looking at right now.

             It’s about how to reduce waste, but also how to keep ourselves regenerating / refreshed.

Utilizing, not using up.

             Much of our universe is infinite, but some bits have limited supplies.  We have to stay aware, always, when it comes to keeping this planet safe and clean.

             Just as we need to do the same for ourselves.  We are sacred beings, and we are fragile.  When we allow the physical stresses and the emotional struggles to overwhelm us, use up our resources, that’s when we become unwell.  On many levels.

             It’s not enough to simply SAY we recycle, we have to actually DO IT!  And it’s not enough to SAY we’ll practice good Self-Care, we have to actually do that, too.

             One of things we don’t want to do though, is end up feeling bad for not getting anything done.  Because then, we just have to work harder to get caught up.  Which, ya know, sounds like an awful lot of extra work to me.

              Much like being sad.  Believe me, it’s no fun.  However, where we are being directed to take this is exactly there.  So let’s make that our starting point.

healer guides

“Loss  ~  5  ~  Healer Guides

Sorrow, Depression, Grief, Regret

You may be entering or experiencing a period of loss, regret, disappointment, pain, and perhaps even grief.  These feelings may have arisen from present painful circumstances, or they may be the result of a surfacing of unexpressed or unprocessed loss from the past.

Whether caused by something in the past or present, your heart is ready to unburden your pain and your soul is ready to grow from these experiences.

Your Healer Guides are present to assist you in your healing through these difficult times.  These soothing helpers assure you that your present pain will transform into learning, and this too shall pass.  Your joy will return.

Ask your Healer Guides to help lift your heart, and turn your loss and pain over to their loving care.  Trust their counsel as they urge you to call a grief counselor, seek a healing massage, or pick up a book that will assist you in your current situation.

Their message is to seek sources of help now.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s FLP Report:

begins with this (disappointing) view.

illegal license stickers
Oh, Kansas. Did you even try?

             And continues with South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, an Alaska (the multi-coloured style that I like so much), one old New Mexico, a single Florida, Illinois, Iowa, and a poorly parked British Columbia.


2 thoughts on “Protecting Our Resources

  1. You have so many more options out where you are for recycling. Right now we are sorting VHS cassettes. Turns out they’re toxic and shouldn’t be put in landfill, but there is no where to take them. And only two places I can find that recycle them. And you have to pay to recycle them. No one will just take them. *sigh* But I just can’t toss them in the trash. We have toooo many.

    And I need some self-care time as well. Been neglecting that. It’s that old ‘tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow’ syndrome. GOT TO QUIT DOING THAT! Ya know?

    1. We have more options because the community demands them. Loud voices and money go a long way. When people vote with their dollar and speak up about how important recycling vs trash/landfill is, companies and politicians listen.

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