As much as I’m not super fond of the word “accomplishment” – that’s kind of what we will be discussing today.  (But don’t think that we’ll be focusing all on the doing and none on the being.)

             Because putting in the effort, making an attempt, is sort of our point right now.  (Doing it mindfully, though.)

Taking Action

             No, it’s not like the shoe ads, but it is an aspect of aimed attention.  Focused activity.   Forward momentum.  Action steps.  Movement.

             While we don’t want to get hung up on competition or comparing numbers, it does seem like this the time to get shit done.  (Apparently.)

             Even if what we accomplish is merely having some fun.  And there really is no “point” or end result.  Like, what if we simply said that walking was our goal.  No mileage, no time, no calories, just moving our feet and being outside.

             Or, as our daily draw shows, celebrating.

Happy Dance

“3 of Cups  ~  The Happy Dance”

             Emotions, how we feel, the sensation of Joy.  That’s our message.  Go out, get something done, and have fun.

             (What are you waiting for?  Go!)

Today’s Deck:

Robin Wood Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from a recent jaunt I took in the neighborhood.

glass water bottles
Maybe we aren’t going to even get a winter this year.

             Also, it’s Spring Forward day.  In which I lose sleep, literally.


2 thoughts on “Making It Happen

  1. Yaaawn, yep, lost sleep. I like fall back much better. 😀 Such pretty posies. I haven’t seen grass and dirt around here in awhile. And it rained for two days before it went back to -4! But it is supposed to reach 50 this week! I can’t wait for flowers out here!

    And we’re getting busy in the house here this week (I have extra labor available. Spider Bait is home!). Will try to remember to have fun doing it! (Or maybe take time off, during.)

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