There are times* in our lives where we’re being challenged, when difficulties arise.  We call them teaching moments (or, alternatively: shit-storms-of-fucked-up-ness).

*Some of us have these “times” over and over and over and over and . . . . .

             Those moments may also be known as:

a learning experience.

             Because learning and teaching are the same thing.  Not only do they go together but they basically happen simultaneously.  (If we’re doing it properly.)  And, that’s the point of us making this trip to School-On-Earth, it’s why we are here.

            What we maybe aren’t paying enough attention to is how valuable each of these situations are to our soul’s growth.  Or, how healing and helpful each circumstance is, once we’re through it.

             Let’s look to our card altar for the final piece of this message, as we return to the regular rotation.

  6 & 7 osho zen tarot

        “Projections  ~  7  ~  Water:  Emotions


Success (reversed)  ~  6  ~  Fire:  Action”

             We see these characters looking at each other, but not being able to perceive their truths.  While at the same time we have upside-down and skewed ideas of what success means.

             As well as, we’ve got Fire and Water facing off.  What is the result?  Steam.  Or maybe just soggy ashes.  Either way, if we don’t remember how important the learning and teaching instances in our journey are, we won’t be able to get any action nor any value from our emotions.

             Once we do though, we’ll have REAL success!

Today’s Deck:

Osho Zen Tarot

Today’s Sharing:

is THIS  (EXCELLENT!)  PIECE by my Seattle girl.  I could not be more damn proud of her!


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  1. “*Some of us have these “times” over and over and over and over and . . . . ” OMG. YES!

    And what a wonderful piece by Hanna! I sent it to both my kids.

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