Here’s what happens.  When we set our intentions, express our gratitude, quietly connect with Source, we build our future.  Today’s prayers are tomorrow’s reality.

             The thinking of now is the building of patterns for later.   So, when we are appreciative and joyful, that attracts more of the same.  It does this, no matter which direction our emotions are headed.

             This morning, I woke up with that message, and the following statement:

discoveries ahead.

             Clearly we need to stay alert for inspirations and ideas.  They could come from within or without.  Our job is simply to accept them and then utilize the creative power they bring with them.

             All while doing it mindfully, in a lovingkindness sort of mood.  With a thought towards timing.  It will take exactly as long as it takes.


“Dolphin  ~

‘Tune into the rhythm of our breath to find stillness and patience.’

Playful sleek swimmer, gregarious intelligent mammal who sixty million years ago bestrode the earth on four legs, Dolphin has adapted more elegantly to her world than any other creature.

She embodies patience and shows how with time and slow determination you can create wonders, move mountains, and become the person your heart desires.

Dolphin must still breathe salty air as she moves rhythmically through the waves and counsels that breathing techniques can heal body and soul, and transport you to other planes.”

             (It cannot be expressed loudly or often enough how VERY much I adore this animal.  Really.  As in, true worship.)

Today’s Deck:

Animal Messages by Susie Green

Today’s Affirmation:

I now relax completely about my future, knowing that it is bright and safe.




3 thoughts on “Expansive Disclosure

  1. Love Dolphin and love her message. I came to realize some years ago that it is all about breathing. Breathing is both a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activity (you do it automatically and you can control it. I never can remember which is which…) The important thing to note is that through conscious control of your breath (think yoga or autogenic breathing) you can slow your heart rate and mitigate the impact of adrenaline in your system. To combine breathing control with the imagery of Dolphin swimming and breathing the salty (and in my imagery, tropical) air is delightful. Gonna give that a try.

  2. I love dolphins, too. And whales. ‘Tune into the rhythm of our breath to find stillness and patience.’ I think this is something I should probably put on a card! 🙂

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