Today’s message was one of those bold types, the kind that arrives in its own unique way.  I woke up from personal-related dreams, but had nothing to share.  No longer am I in a panic when this is the case.  (Phew!)

             I’ve learned that it shows up when it feels like it.  And this one did.  Much later in the day, and fully formed.   Complete, unto itself.


             This one is focused on de-stressing.  It’s a reminder.  No one died.  And, if someone did?  Is there still not joy to be found in that person’s life?

             As much as we’d all like to let go of our shit-storm of a life, and plop down in front of some delightfully funky hut on the beach (oh, just me?), we know that right this second, we probably cannot.

oregon coast

             That doesn’t mean we drop the dream!  No way, there’s always hope.  Always.  But right this second, most likely we have bills and responsibilities.

             To face the journey and to do it with joy, we only need to step away briefly.  Allow those quick 3 minutes of deep breathing.  If there’s more time, we can pray or meditate.  When we’ve got half an hour, pop in a guided CD.

             Actual vacations?  Also an option.  But right this second we can relax, merely by sitting here, being.  Not doing, not thinking, not stressing, not fretting, not worrying, not texting, not reading, not even sleeping.

             What the Universe wants us to never forget is that we chose this adventure.  Take a second, and be in it.  Relax.

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me, as your radio.   (And photographer.)


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