Another one of those messages which just shows up as lists, that’s what I woke up with.  Who knows the whys and wherefores of a complicated Universe? ( **I** certainly don’t!)

             Here’s what I heard, in the order that I heard it:

  • Partnerships
  • Working Together
  • Benevolence
  • Hand in Hand
  • Community
  • Reaching Out
  • Togetherness

             We are, obviously, being reminded that (like yesterday) it’s about an “us” attitude right now, not simply me me me.  A suggestion that we can apply to nearly all things.

             In our day-to-day, it’s about connecting to those who we cross paths with, who we connect with.  In our homes and families it’s about being a strong supporter.  For all, in any direction, it’s about the lovingkindness we are able to offer, with no strings and no requirements.

             When we extend our helping hand in unconditional care, we have already begun the healing within.  We’ve taken that first step.

             And we’ve done it with strength.  As this return to the regular rotation around our card altar shows, we’ve also been directed to an empowering place from which to draw assistance, so that we may go out and continue the sharing.


“Ram  ~  Reithe  (pronounced as Re-hu)  ~  

Sacrifice, Breakthrough, Achievement

The card shows a ram with a ewe and lambs in the background.  To the left we see sheep-bit (sheep’s kidney) and to the right sheep-sorrel.  In the foreground grows stone bramble.  A ram-headed snake is carved in the rock.

Reithe brings the ability to achieve a breakthrough.  Particularly attached to the place of its birth, the ram represents connection, rootedness, stability, and yet it also represents power to penetrate, overcome, and achieve.

Working with the ram as your ally will help you to find the inner strength you need to succeed.  At the same time you need not fear “losing your head” on the dizzy heights of success, because the ram will help keep you grounded, and will remind you of the practical necessities of life.

By persevering, by being patient, and attending to the needs of your daily life as well as your future goals, you will find the day comes when you achieve a breakthrough – accomplishing what you have set out to achieve and discovering that you have also ‘come home.’ “

Today’s Deck:

The Druid Animal Oracle by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm, illustrated by Bill Worthington

Today’s Reading Update:

is only to say that Patricia Briggs has been my latest discovery.  She has several series (!!!) and some stand-alones.  Well worth investigating.  (Even though her home-page image is not good, get past that and there’s tons of info, with much better illustrations throughout the site.)


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  1. Patricia Briggs is one of Saver’s favorite authors. I have heard her complain about the book covers not matching properly with the content (something to do with the tattoos I think). Enjoy!

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