The first time I heard the phrase (said in a condescendingly obnoxious voice) “it is what it is” I was not a fan.  But later, and since then, I have begun to understand the meaning and depth behind it.  (Once I removed the snobbishly flippant attitude, and changed it to “this is what it is.”)

             Since we are, clearly, about to revisit the idea of Acceptance, this message could be considered thematic.  But I don’t believe that’s the case.  It feels like a stand-alone, to me.

At Exactly The Correct Time

             We know that the truth of the matter is, we can’t learn our lessons out of order.  Just as we aren’t able to gather our rewards until AFTER we learn our lessons.

             Since time is not linear, it isn’t important when we get any of this done.  We have forever!  On the other hand, aren’t we all sometimes just achingly impatient?  Of course.  And that’s part an even larger challenge.

             When we’re feeling rushed, or conversely, like something is simply taking for fucking ever, we have the same solution: letting go of time.

             Once we release that struggle, the rest falls in to place.  Exactly when it needs to.

             And then, we get presents.  Like our daily draw.  All we need to do is say a gracious Thank You.

joy guides

“Gifts  ~  6  ~  Joy Guides

Receiving, Surprises, Kindness, Blessings

The Universe is constantly showering you with gifts.  The problem arises when so many of these Divine offerings go unnoticed and are therefore unaccepted.

Your Joy Guides are on hand, though, acting as messengers to help correct this problem.  They ask you to start counting your blessings, day after day, taking care not to miss any or take any for granted.

Your Joy Guides delight in showering you with gifts, and encouraging you to expand your heart’s capacity to receive all that they have to offer.  

Start each morning by asking them to surprise you with something wonderful during the day; then, just before going to bed, list all the wonderful things they’ve bestowed upon you.

See how the list grows longer and longer each day.  Their only request is that you acknowledge these offerings and thank the Divine Mother and Father God for their endless generosity.

The Joy Guides’ message:

open your heart, and expect good things to come.”

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

FLP Report:

is longer than I realized, since I haven’t shared it in a while.  Beginning with two Virginias and two Minnesotas and two Wisconsins, then a single Florida, one standard Montana, a Tennessee, Wyoming, New York, Pennsylvania, and (the always questionable) Hawaii.


2 thoughts on “Actively Patient

  1. We always ‘hear’ things through our own filters. For me “it is what it is” brings sadness. My sister-in-law has MS and that phrase is kind of a complaint/acceptance sort of deal for MS sufferers. Usually said with a deep sigh.

    My gratitude today is the fact that I can walk and get around (even though I did ‘something’ to my damned back). It’s a bright sunny day, even if it is too damn cold, and I’m going to bundle up and hit the state park near here. I will then slowly, enjoying every damn moment (cold or not), walk to the mineral springs. They should be frozen solid and I plan on taking pictures!

    I wish that PA was me out there by you! And Hawaii! (She says wistfully. Oh, to be warm by the ocean!)

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