In the spirit of honestly and always giving you exactly what I get, today’s message took some work to pound finagle in to shape.  For one thing, we aren’t using any cards.

             And B) who I heard from was not my usual source-for-all-things metaphysical.  Here’s what was delivered, first and loudly:


             And before I could get anywhere with that one word, I was notified that this was who and where our information was coming from.

horse goddess
Horse Goddess

             If you would like to read up on our featured deity, HERE is a great site.  For now though, let’s go with what she brought us.

             She said that when we sit with even the tiniest scrap of Joy, allowing it to rest upon our shoulders, holding it close, we are “being” in Grace.  We are making the effort to absorb the Divine.

             In truth, we all come FROM that original spark of life.  And yet, we forget.  So reminders such as this need to show up and bring us back into alignment.

             When we use the “observation” portion of our consciousness, not judging nor lapsing into emotion, or even thinking, merely watching, we are better able to find our calm center, and move forward from there.

             Our healing and learning path is a winding and challenging one.  It’s nice when we can catch a quick ride, direct to the next stop.

             Even though siting quietly doesn’t seem (to some) like a way to move, it most certainly is.  Because, as we know, growth is not measured by distance.

            I am honoured and thankful for this gift which was shared exclusively with us.

Today’s Resource:

me, and an ancient friend.


4 thoughts on “Hearing Direct

  1. So, Epona galloped into your message system today, huh? Pretty cool. Living in a state of Grace; never a bad place to be!

    And, a position of stillness and balance is never a bad place to be. From there, you don’t have to move in order to move, you are free to move in whatever direction you need to. (A concept translated from the numbered people’s world in the hands-on combat skills that I used to teach. By remaining in a state of balance, you don’t have to move in order to move.)

  2. Grace. That term has been coming up quite often lately. And what a cool messenger! I have never heard of her and enjoyed learning something new.

    1. She’s one of those beings that I don’t remember NOT knowing, like she’s just always been there (although I call her Eponia, with an additional “i”). And dates back FAR more than science can actually measure.

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