Since much of yesterday’s message was about not taking any moment for granted, the Universe felt that we could just keep going in that direction.  (Sure.  Why not?  No reason, really.)

             We are surrounded by folks who make our lives better, fuller, and more worthwhile.  It has come time to make sure that they know how much this means.


             When we acknowledge our loved ones, with a small Thank You or even just a quick hug, we are keeping those connections strong.  We are building on our original link.

             It doesn’t have to be anything grand, anything expensive.  Just a gesture, a nice word, a shared memory even.  But we absolutely need to make the effort.  To take the time.

             Our lessons can be such a struggle that we often forget the bright spots.  Today, this is our reminder.  Look around, see who is doing what and for whom, make note of it.  Acknowledge that, and then, honour it.

             For right now, we step away from our regular rotation around the card altar, in order to get this as our daily draw.  It came up in the reversed direction, but I took the picture right-side up, because there are so many fine details in the illustration.


“One-Ring Circus  ~  15  ~  reversed

If you think that the sun won’t rise without you, then it’s time to change.  Perhaps you believe that no one will be there to help you, or you expect that you have to do all the work, emotional or otherwise.

This is a fear-based idea and only serves to alienate you from others by taking away their right to participate.

You don’t need to be invincible, have all the answers or be the savior.  Things will get done if you step out of your own way.

Consider the example of two trees planted side by side sharing sunlight equally, neither overshadowing the other.”

             I like how this Challenger reminds us that we don’t need to be in charge, because when we don’t allow others to help, we are not giving them their freedom.  It’s a release lesson, in the gentlest way possible.

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s Sharing:

is merely to say that, as a bike-rider, I’ve very much enjoyed these clear days, and mild temperatures.  But as a person who is concerned for our planet (and my friends on the East Coast), I’d like to remind the weather gods that this shit needs to get straightened out, like quickly!


3 thoughts on “Credit Where Credit Is Due

  1. And gratitude. Sometimes, a simple “thank you” is needed. Like, thank you for keeping this blog going. I really enjoy the tarot cards and your relays of messages from the Universe. And for your friendship. And for your perspectives.

  2. I’ll add my thanks to you, Julie, as well. Your cheer and the ‘nastiness free’ environment here make this a warm and comfortable place to be.

    From your lips to the ears of the weather gods. I’m getting tired of the -25 degree windchill factors. Brrrrrr. And I give thanks for my warm air humidifiers slash the workers who make them. I woke up this weekend having trouble breathing, like I was outside! I checked my thermostat do-hickey and found that the humidity in the house was down to 27%. Yikes! Thanks to my humidifiers I can breath again!

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