Oh, what a musical theme we’ve been running with lately.  At the bottom of this post I’m sharing the song that I woke up with today.

             Staying connected to some of our other, most recent messages, what we’re talking about right now is so very important.  (Not like the others never are, but we all know how timeliness works.)

Mindfully Now

             It’s true that we are required (sort of) to live in our day-to-day, with bills and weather and obligations.  However, we don’t have to feel as though they weigh us down.

             We can place them into our journey, alongside the other parts.  Next to our Self-Care and our healing lessons.  Beside our Quiet Moments and our peaceful practices.

             Going gently into each new day, with no pressure, no guilt, no rushing, is to lead with our soul, stepping lightly and with lovingkindness.  Even when it’s challenging.  Even with it feels difficult and nearly impossible.

             On our card altar we have the perfect accompaniment to this suggestion.  (And the illustration is delightful.  What a bonus!)


“Accepting What Is  ~

‘I accept and embrace my inner majesty.’

Card Meaning:

Accept your life in all its configurations.  Know that every moment, situation, and event has profound value . . .  even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Accept your inner majesty.  Be present.  You are magnificent and wondrous beyond measure.  Embrace all parts of yourself.

The Universe wants you to know:

It is an act of both power and faith to love, honor, and accept what is.  At times it can be challenging to truly accept what’s occurring in your life.

When you do so, however, you affirm that there’s a plan for your life and that everything is working for your higher good.

Accepting ‘what is’ doesn’t mean that you can’t work to change it, because you can.  It doesn’t mean that there is gentle, yet profound, awareness that every experience can support your highest good and spiritual evolution.

If there is something you just can’t accept, start by gently acknowledging the fact that you can’t accept it.  As you increase your own acceptance in life, this will help others be at peace in their own lives.

Questions to ask yourself:

Is there anything that I’m not accepting in my life?  How can I embrace myself and my life even more?  Where will my life’s journey take me, if I truly honor every aspect of ‘what is’?”

             Allow me to step in for one second, because as much as I agree with this (and I absolutely do), if there is abuse or pain in your life right now, call 911, without hesitation.  We can accept our lessons without acceptance of law breaking and physical (or emotional) harm.

Today’s Deck:

Gateway Oracle Cards by Denise Linn

Today’s Beautiful Sounds:

can be found HERE.  (Apparently there is no video, only this.  Click the tiny “play” button in the top left corner.)


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  1. Coming from a position of acceptance rather than desire…generally, a good concept I think. Not for all situations, but certainly one to contemplate for a general, overall approach.

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