We’re going to talk about freedom, expansive and abundant freedom.  In a spiritual and metaphysical sense.  In a mindful and lovingkindness sense.

             It’s true, I love waking up to messages, and then sharing them.  But not very often do they actually bring such joy.  Yesterday and this morning, both were so full of life and power.

Open Door

             Here’s what I heard.  We are to work on opening ourselves to more of what is available.  This will help us to receive and to bring vital forces more fully and completely into our lives.

             Like energy and ideas.  Like healing and inspiration.  Like relationships and depth of emotion.  All will be possible, more possible.

             As with so many of these suggestions and reminders from the Universe, it’s a simple task.  And yet, it can prove challenging to accomplish.

             The key, as usual, is to gather it down to its basics, strip away the unnecessary in order to narrow our aim.  Breathing and loving and being our very best selves.  Openly, and with kindness.

             I was directed to leave our regular rotation around the card altar in order to bring forward the following draw.  Of which, as I heard clearly, we don’t need all the definition transcribed in order to understand the content.

healer guides

“Survival  ~  19  ~  Healer Guides

Endurance, Vigilance, Perseverance

. . . . allow the powerful energy of your Healer Guides to step in now.  They are able to sooth your soul and reweave your aura with their loving light and nurturing forces.  

Trust their influence by dropping your defenses . . . .

You are safe.  It is time now to heal and learn.”

               When we stand with our hearts and our minds open, we are better able to accept the help and aid from our Team.  By doing this, we become our very best selves, moving outwards to offer that same help and aid to our loved ones and all that we meet.

Today’s Deck:

Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards by Sonia Choquette

Today’s Sharing:

is this view from Instagram.

cupcake royale
Delivered. To. My. Door.

             How long have I waited for something like this?  Decades?  Eons?  Lifetimes?

             In a recent text, my Seattle girl told me that our favorite NW cupcake and ice cream shop now sent their products out around the world.  I was on that so damn fast!

             Stay tuned, I’ve got the oven warming and some butter melting.  There will be baking in my future.


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