For me, sound (of all types) is  massively important.  All of the elements and senses are valuable, all hold equal weight.  Today though, we’re going to focus on hearing.

             Frequently I wake up with songs playing in my head.  Rarely do they have any sort of relationship with my actual life.  Generally, they are gifts from Elsewhere.  And I honour that.

             Which was why, when I realized what our message was, I just said “Thank You” and started taking notes.


             The basic message is that, right now, drawing our attention to sound, melody, healing tones and tunes will be the first step in helping, no matter what situation we might need to work on.

             (And of course, if we don’t know, or don’t have a particular situation, then it will just help on general purposes.)

             The thing about music, and those sounds that touch our soul, is that it’s empowering and soothing, at the same time.  We know this, science tells us, and we feel it.  We can truly feel it.

             Also, there’s a deep and enriched connection that we get from music.  The pleasing harmonic essence, it reaches places inside of us that can be challenging or difficult to deal with.

             On our card altar, we’re being inspired to take this love song to ourselves one step further, to move with our music, and dance along our path.

empowerment crystal

“Snowflake Obsidian  ~

empowerment, protection, ideas, talents

You have so many wonderful inspirations, ideas, and talents that, to date, you have kept hidden, protecting and nurturing them within the fertile and loving landscape of your heart and imagination.

And rightly so, for the last few years have been like an incubation period, a time in which you have subconsciously been collecting creative fuel to be used at a later date.  Well, that time has now come!

You will soon begin to express and empower your ideas and inspirations as you discover practical applications for them in the physical world.

It is time for you to shine, so don’t hold back any longer.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

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4 thoughts on “Tonal Truth

  1. Music is pretty darned important in my world. Whether it is the “Soundtrack of My Life” (rock and folk from the 70’s to the 00’s) or music that I play on the tuba, it is important. There is NOTHING like the feeling of ending a very intense piece with an extremely low note that fills the concert venue; it resonates completely through my body and my head.

    There is also the music that relaxes; I find Native flute very good for that.

  2. The ‘music’ I’ve been listening to the past couple of days is birdsong. It’s so cold and yucky here and I saw the goldfinches changing I just couldn’t wait and looked up birdsong on YouTube. It was as though my soul sighed in relief. It’s driving The Husband nuts, though. “It’s winter, for crying out loud! There isn’t supposed to be birdsong!” Thank heavens he’s only home in the evenings.

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