After yesterday’s blast, it’s time to assess.  Was there damage?  Are we all whole?  Does anything need to be rebuilt?  Or simply built anew?

             The message I woke up with this morning points us towards the possibility of starting over, and starting now.  We are being reminded of not looking back with longing nor gazing forward with want.

Maybe this side-track  **IS**  the right path.

             Where we are now is exactly where we are supposed to be.  Being in the now and understanding its importance is the lesson.

             When we put in to practice the very “being” part of human being, we honour our journey, and all the work it takes to stay on course.  The course which we charted.

             Mindfulness is about acceptance.  And acceptance is about respecting the tough spots in road, as well as enjoying the smooth parts.  The more we choose Joy, choose Love, choose Peace, the more love and joy and peace we are surrounded by.

             I was directed to leave our regular rotation, in order (obviously) so that we may receive this validation and reminder.  The image could easily be used as a meditation focus point.

there is always enough

“Golden Palace  ~  23  ~

‘There is always enough.’

The Golden Palace card represents good fortune, ambitions fulfilled, wealth, and prosperity.  It may also indicate emotional fulfillment, as perhaps you are entering a time of happiness that’s long overdue.

The message here is that self-worth isn’t measured by what you have, no matter how abundant your life is.  Instead, it comes from what you are, how authentically you are living your life, and how much love you are willing to share.

Granted, receiving this card does indicate material gain and a furthering of tangible rewards.  But things come and go, and knowing your true value leads to even greater riches now.

Share the wealth.”

             This one has a Challenging side as well ……..


Let go of your tight hold on what you believe security should look like.  Now is the time to conserve your energy and count your blessings.

Resist the pull to become miserly.  There will be enough money, love, youth, food, and shelter to go around.

A mind-set of fear and lack will shut off the flow of true abundance.  Trust in the tides, because the flow always returns from the ebb.

‘Chop wood, carry water,’ as the Chinese proverb says.  Practice faith and treasure will be revealed.  In fact, you will find it in plain sight.”

Today’s Deck:

The Enchanted Map Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Today’s (February 14th’s) Real Celebration:

Happy Oregon Statehood Day!




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  1. “A mindset of fear and lack will shut off the flow of true abundance.” In very deed. Pretty incredible reminder of that. Timely, too. Another good reminder to “be here now”.

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