Some mornings I wake up with messages.  Some mornings, it’s music.  Today, it was both.  I’d like to share the song, so it can play in the background (or your head, the way it’s been all day for me).



             What we’re talking about right now is feelings.  Loads and loads of feelings.  And how we “think” of them.  Like, the balancing act of heart/head.

Emotional Governing

             Are we supposed to police our moods?  Or do we try to blend them?  Does it help when we corral the emotions or let them fly?

             Most of you are familiar with the massive adoration we have for children, our most specific children, or simply kids-and-puppies in general.  We love them so much it physically hurts sometimes.

             Is that how huge emotions are supposed to feel?  Loss is the same sort pain, and yet it’s also about the love we felt for that person who is gone.  It’s a heart-hurting that we often think we cannot survive.

             And yet.  We do.  We make it through, and then, we live on.  We cry and laugh, love and hurt some more.  Ever learning, and ever healing.

             To put a hold on our emotions is the choke them off.  To be aware of them and to feel them, that’s the way to do our heart justice.  As long as we remember to keep our balance.

             As I stood in front of the card altar earlier, humming along to music only I could hear, this is where I was directed.  It makes perfect sense.

let go

“Angel of Relaxation  ~

‘Let go of desired outcomes and you will get what you want.’

Everything will fall into place and become clear when it is meant to, so switch off and take it easy for a while.

The Angel of Relaxation has appeared in your reading to help you relax.  By keeping your focus fixed on all it is you wish to happen, you are, in a way, preventing the natural flow of events to unfold.

Surrender any project or concern to the angels in the knowing that all is being taken care of.  Focus on all you have achieved to date and on all your many blessings.  

Take time to nurture and pamper yourself and start to do more of those things which nourish your soul instead of worrying about the future.

By relaxing and letting go of desired outcomes, you create the space for the angels and the universe to give you what you want.


Today’s Deck:

Angels, Gods, and Goddesses Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

Today’s Truth in Comedy:

is THIS CLIP, because I adore him, and we feel the exact same way.  (Wait, it’s big website to load, the “watch now” crap will go away.)


2 thoughts on “Heart Case

  1. “Emotional Governing”. I am reminded of a governor on a car, that will not let you drive over a certain speed (like 89 miles per hour on a police camero that was stock…funny story in numbered people world there!) and I wonder what that would look like with emotions. There is nothing wrong with feelings (family joke: I had one, once) or emotions until they overtake your ability to function. Or is that a problem? I know that in comparison to most of my family of origin, I was emotionally “flat” in that I generally didn’t express great extremes of joy or sorrow. I know that in the numbered people world, many times emotions and feelings have to be compartmentalized in order to function, and that if those are not taken out and addressed, they become huge issues later on.

    I love the advice “let go of desired outcomes”. That, too, can be freeing.

  2. In the world of numbered people, control of emotions can seem “flat” to others. I happen to know that passion doesn’t necessarily need to be viewed by all and sundry, in order to be real and true.

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