I’m sensing another theme….. it seems to be following us around.  And today’s message only wanted to appear in list form.

             (You know that I don’t argue with the Universe any more.)

             Here’s what we need to focus on:

  • accepting the aid given,
  • being available,
  • judging not, those who are our helpers.

             When we agree to receiving, we aren’t supposed to question where or how that support takes place.  So not any easy way to live!

             But really, who said this adventure was always going to be easy?  It ain’t.  Not even close.  However, it is worthwhile and it is pretty fascinating.

             As we learn our lessons and understand the challenging bits, we absolutely can accept some help along the way.  Do we need to be discerning?  Every time.  But not argumentative.

              To act as a nicely matched accompaniment, I was directed away from our regular rotation around the card altar, to this particular draw.  The affirmation is one of my favorites, as is the illustration.

faerie messages of truth

“Be Honest with Yourself  ~

‘This card indicates that you are hiding your true feelings and aren’t being forthright about an important topic.  The fairies urge you to admit your true feelings to yourself.’

Do you feel stuck?  Depressed?  Tired?  Angry or irritable?  These are symptoms that arise when we are dishonest with ourselves.

Maybe you feel that you can’t afford to be honest with yourself and that you don’t have a choice.  This card isn’t asking you to make any radical life changes or have a confrontation with another person.

However it is urging you to admit your true feelings to yourself.

One easy way to get in touch with your true feelings is by going outside and engaging in a silent conversation with the fairies who live amidst the flowers, trees, and grass.  Even if you cannot yet see or hear the fairies, mentally tell them everything that you are thinking, feeling, and experiencing these days.

Ask them to help you get in touch with your deepest feelings.  The fairies love to hold a mirror up to us so that we can see and admit the truth.


It’s safe for me to be honest with myself and others.

 I speak my truth with love.”

Today’s Deck:

Healing With The Fairies Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

FLP Report:

includes only Maine, Indiana, and Florida.  We haven’t been very many places lately, other than the pool.


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