While it’s true that we cannot turn back time (if Cher can’t do it, no one can), what we have been told/know to be true is that we’ve got options.  Many more choices than we may have originally perceived.

             Today’s message reminds us that:

it’s never too late.

             True, a chance may slip past, an opportunity come and go, but what the Universe wants to remind us is that another one is always available.  Always.

             There is no such thing as running out of time.  As we learned yesterday, a delay is really such a gift.  We don’t run out of time, and it’s never too late because time is not linear.

             And also, our lessons arrive exactly when they are supposed to.  There is an order to the chaos, and we are part of it.

             We have drawn up our charts, we have left room for free will, and we now simply get to participate in the journey of it all.

             As I was directed, we have returned to our regular rotation around the card altar so that this validation could be our stamp of success.

charge forward, it's never too late

“Progress  ~

Charge forward!

Be willing to make mistakes.”

             Because, as we know, there are no such things as “mistakes,” only lessons and gifts and alternative points of view.  All of the work we do shows on the “win” column.

Today’s Deck:

Self-Care Cards by Cheryl Richardson

Today’s Affirmation:

I freely embrace the prosperity, gifts, and lessons that the Universe is offering to me now.


4 thoughts on “All Available Alternatives

  1. This is a great reminder. On New Year’s Eve, my friend declared 2014 had been the Year of Change, and then we decided that 2015 would be the Year of Progress. Good to have that reminder.

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