In the culinary arts (not that I’m an expert, or can even barely feed my own selfelf, but I have learned tons by watching Food Network and Cooking Channel), there is a processing method called “reduction.”  The idea is that you condense and strengthen by boiling down.

             Whatever is our circumstance or situation, right now, the Universe says to simple it down to its most basic components.  This removal of the extraneous, is the elemental key for today’s message.

Uncomplicatedly direct.

             We are being reminded that we’re a busy and detailed sort of animal.  Often sidetracked and/or weighted down with technicalities and the fine minutia of our self-induced particulars.

             When we strip off those extras, reduce our quantity of ingredients, we are left with a bold simplicity.  Sure, there’s an underlying and subtle complex nature that we’ve built in, but the finer points are more delicate.  We are no longer so scattered, so disorderly.

             To bring out the simple is a precarious task, much care and attention is required, but it’s one that we are FAR more equipped for than we realize.  The more we do it, the easier it becomes.  And by application, so too, does our journey.

             Returning to our regular rotation around the card altar, the purpose for our intensity is validated, and elaborated on with this draw.

tranquility crystal

“Selenite  ~

telepathy, soul connection, peace, tranquility

It is possible for you to connect with others energetically on a soul level and infuse them with love and healing.

This is telepathic communication in its highest sense.  Through the formless light of love it is possible to both send and receive information provided the information is sought and sent with love.   Remember that on a soul level, time and space do not really exist because all is interconnected and ultimately one.

The peace and tranquility you seek can be found by connecting to that ultimate oneness.

Go within, for in doing so, you will realise that all is eternal;

nothing is ever lost, and that all is eternally present.”

Today’s Deck:

Crystal Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno

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hand-quilted Noah's ark
This a pretty good representation of the colors; it’s a bright one.

             Tomorrow I’m going to a baby shower.  In my sewing room was an unfinished project (most of the hand-quilting I had already done).  The last of the machine work (edge binding) didn’t take too long.  Now, it’s all wrapped, ready to be given away.

4 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple

  1. Interesting message… We were talking about rendering fat in a crock pot last night, and how adding water to the fat will allow the water to draw the impurities of fat, leaving the pure fat “cleanest I’ve ever been able to do”. I have made drunken pears, and had never reduced anything before, and was amazed at the process. Cool thing to apply to our lives, I think.

  2. Oh, I definitely needed this card right now. Thanks. Too much complicated stuff churning around in my head, but : “technicalities and the fine minutia of our self-induced particulars” — yeah, that’s it exactly. will let that stuff boil off and get back to bold simplicity.

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